Monday, March 31, 2014

Koh-Ya Yakiniku, Neutral Bay

 Its been awhile since we have Japanese Buffet and it has been 2 weeks now that Bebski is pestering me to have dinner in Kohya.. Finally, he's so happy to know that we are going for dinner on Saturday. I booked three spots in advanced as the place is always full on a Saturday night and from past experience, without booking, we waited for an hour T.T

Koh-Ya offer two kind of dinner options. One is the A-La Carte menu and the other one is an all-u-can-eat menu. If you are hungry and wanna try a lot of their dishes, I highly recommend the buffet option. For 39.90AUD per person you have a choice of 60 different dishes.

They also have outdoor seating area :) But I prefer to sit inside as the fire is bigger than the one outside :)

Their rules are you can order as much as you can in the first 60mins and after an hour, the waiter will approach you and ask for your last order. This is the time you have to order your dessert too! And then you'll have 30mins to finish everything up! They also have an offer for refillable Calpico drink for an extra $5 pp..

So lets the feast starts! The picture below is just representing different kinds of dishes that we ordered. But in reality, we order 4x 5 portion of the beef tongue, so many prawn cocktail salads and heaps of seaweed sheet and seafood dishes!

The Ox tongue is really the hero of the buffet dishes! Fatty, chewy and melt in your mouth goodness ~~
Other meats that we ordered includes pork loin, pork ribs and beef ribs. Bebski loveeessss yukhe! Which is the raw beef topped with egg yolk and dressed with soy sauce and sesame oil. Ive tried it once but I don't like eating raw stuff :( He ate like 3 of them! The garlic butter is the special dish of the day along with the Tuna Sashimi, but I didn't get any chance to take a pic of the sashimi as Bebski and Mr.US gulp them hungrily!!

For the veggies.. We ordered seaweed sheet, Prawn cocktail salad (which is my favourite salad ever with fresh prawn, crunchy lettuce, avocado and yummy creamy dressing), Kimchi cabbage and also namuru which is a combination of 4 different veggies and well seasoned with sesame oil :)

Some more dishes of seaweed soup, Gyoza (yummeh!) and fish in garlic butter!

For fruits they usually serve 3 kinds of thinly slices fruits (Honeydew melon, Pineapple and Orange) which is 3 pieces of each per serve. So I recommend to have 2 or 3 serve per person If you really like your fruits :) For Dessert, there are choices of soft serve ice cream and Green Tea Ice Cream. The soft serve usually comes with vanilla ice cream but I've made some modification to mine :) I scooped out the vanilla ice cream, and replaced it with the Green tea!! ~~

Overall experience was great! Great quality of meat and food served. The service was good too usually. But last night maybe it was too busy that our order came a bit slow and it was so hard to get staff's attention.. Time flies so fast too so you have to order as much in the first hour kekeke..

Highlight dish for me is Ox tongue, Prawn cocktail salad, seaweed sheet and fish in garlic butter <3
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