Monday, March 17, 2014

Black Star Pastry, Beaconsville

I have been always wanting to find out the hype of the famous watermelon cake served by Black Star Pastry and going to Newton is always a struggle to me and it was hard to find parking and yeah it was quite a drive.. ;P So I was so happy to know that Black Star Pastry now open in Beaconsville! Which is 10mins away from my home and a walking distance from Bebski's workplace hehe... So one afternoon, after lunch, me bebski decided to try out the Spot!

There we were, luckily we found a parking space and it started to drizzle outside, so we better hurry make our way to the shop.
The Entrance
They sell varieties of selections from pastry, pies, cake, bread and salads...
Starting from the most left of the shop..

Everything looks so delicious! Too bad that we were quite full and there were only two of us that we cant try much :(

I Really want to try the pocket sandwich!! Next timeeeee I definitely will....

There it was.. the great watermelon cake! *Can't wait to taste them* - My thought while I was queuing :p

Coffee Making station :)

So these are what we got... The Watermelon cake. A slice of it... Which was a decision that I regret the minute I took the first bite! It was quite full in the place and I feel bad for the rest of the customer who got no place to sit.. So we can't really stay that long in there or even bought another piece as we were full T.T

The watermelon cake issss light, not too sweet, not too overpowered by the rosewater flavour.. It was just BALANCE and PERFECT! To be honest, Im not a dessert person, I'd rather eat full rack of pork ribs than a slice of choc mudcake but I must say, IM in Love with watermelon cake! The cream is so light and not too sweet, perfect combo with the tanginess of the strawberries and grapes...

Bebski picked the zucchini, almond and feta cheese bread sticks. I was quite surprised when he made his picks as he never wanted to try anything with veggies on it.. Well, it must be the presentation though that was so appealing to his eyes :)
The bread crust was perfect, crispy and I love that roasted flavour and crunch of the sesame seeds. I can taste a really strong herbs/spice used in the bread. It was like chinese five spice to me, BUt im sure it was something else.. Still cant figure out what was it.. ;P

For the drinks, I ordered chai latte with soy milk and as usual.. Bebski ordered flat white :) It was a nice afternoon and the rain stops when we got out which was just a perfect timing ^^

I highly recommend this place and yes of course the watermelon cake now that Ive experienced it myselfff :) Will definitely be back to have some more of it and other things too :)

Second Visit

Accompanying Mr.P to try the watermelon cake for the first time and I came across 'Shirley Quiche' on the menu board! The descriptions are mushrooms and fine herbs. There's nothing not to love about that pie! And yeah I bought it just because my name is on it ;p

The pastry of the pie is light and fluffy, the mushroom is generous and it is so creamy and scrumptious!
SHIRLEY quice $6.50

and not to forget, I also got another watermelon cake. A whole slice for me thi time, no sharing with the fiance ;p

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  1. Absolutely adore BSP! Have yet to check out the new store, looks like a much more spacious location though, might pop in this weekend :)

    1. The HungryFoodtechMarch 18, 2014 at 8:30 PM

      I've never been to the one in newtown either but I can say that this BSP is spacious and it has quick turnonver for tables too :) Let me know if there's anything diff from the one in Newtown^^ I'll visit your blog next week then ^^


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