Saturday, March 29, 2014

Yogurberry, Kingsford

Dessert is a must after any meal! So after having our dinner in Wang Wang, we visited yogurberry for their Low Fat and Low calories yoghurt :p

Ordering is pretty straight forward.. U grab the cup size that you like, fill it with yoghurt flavour of your choice and toppings. Beware though, they charged based on weight! So don't get lost when picking toppings :)

My favourite things in Kingsford Yogurberry and probably the one attraction for customer is the swing insideeee.. :)

My two favourite flavours: Taro And Mango! In some other Yogurberry, they have the watermelon flavours but unfortunately not in Kingsford.. Sadd.. And for toppings I always have the mochi and Bebski always loveee the fruit bubbles!

Another cute spot of the place! It is so pinky and prettyyyyy ^^...

A short review on the place but worth visiting when u're in the neighbourhood!

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