Monday, March 24, 2014

Kao Pla, Chatswood

For the dinner in our one day getaway trip, I decided to visit Chatswood. First, I was going to try Makanai Ramen but Kao Pla took my attention away.. !! We arrived in Kao pla at 6.30PM and we waited for almost an hour to be seated as the restaurant is quite small and they hold 2 table for reservations :( Im just hoping that the food's taste worth the wait..

So at last we were seated and without looking at the menu further, I knew what to get as I am always prepared before going to a restaurant.. I'll check the location, the menu and the price and inviting the people accordingly :) Im keen to try the som tum salad but considering that I am eating with 3 guys.. maybe salad is not the wisest choice ;P

Bebski got the Thai Milk Tea, He got this thing with thai milk tea every time we visited Thai place ;D The Thai Milk Tea was not overpowerly sweet which I like and the amount of ice was just right.
Thai Milk Tea $4
Next, the deep fried soft shell crab with tom yum salt arrived.. I'm usually not a fan of soft shell crab however they cooked and in any restaurant.. But here, I LOVEEEE the soft shell crab! it is crispy but yet still have the bite into the crab and the coating to it taste like it has been coated with salted duck egg :) Its just delicious!!

Next was the Prid Khing Moo Krob .. One of the must order dish! The pork is juicy and flavoursome while it still keeps its crispiness! The curry paste sauce was just right and the chillies give the dish a good hot punch! :) The green beans cooked perfectly without anymore raw beans notes!
The twice cooked pork ribs arrived and we couldn't wait to taste it! Looks so appetizing and flavour never lie! Yummy goodness into one dish! Good balance of the sugar and tamarind. The meat is so tender too,,,

At first, we were torn between ordering green curry or the penang curry but somehow the Penang curry's colour looks more appealing to me and so I ordered it.. I must say, Im glad I made that decision! The curry flavour is mild, it almost tasted like Indonesian Rendang curry but with more coconut milk in it. It was milky and creamy. I couldn't get enough of the sauce..!!

Last for our mains is The chicken padthai.. They use a thinner noodle than regular padthai.. It was good for me but not great. I still think that Chatthai serves the best chicken padthai :) For me, the padthai need more tamarind punch :)
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The menu that I have been waiting for.. The dessert! We got the Thai milk tea ice cream with jackfruit and black sticky rice pudding. I was expecting the dessert to be cold. Apparently, the black sticky rice pudding and jackfruit are quite warm and the cold part comes from the thai ice cream :) The black sticky rice pudding can be cooked further as I got some of the uncooked grain in my spoon.. And the portion for the money is way too small in my opinion :(

Overall Dining Experience, delicious food, great and fast service.. Even though their restaurant management can be improved :) But definitely worth the wait! I highly recommend this place.. I just wish that they would soon open a place in the City :)

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  1. wah kayaknya enak banget nih Ce.. kangen dhe masakan Thai yg affordable huhu..

  2. U need to come here again Jew! So many restaurants to visit... ^^ Enak bgt jew, home thai contender man hoho..


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