Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Maranello's, Maroubra

Second Visit (23rd May 2014)
My mom came from Indo on Friday and she was so exhausted from the flight. So I took her to Maranello's as it was a walking distance from my unit.
I ordered the special Crab Linguine with spinach, cherry tomatoes cooked in garlic oil. The pasta is so good. It has a nice garlic flavour complemented by the spinach and the pasta is cooked al dente! As always, Maranello's food never disappoint me!

Crab Linguine $28 
For the pizza, I ordered the BBQ chicken cause my mom does not eat beef... It was good but not as great as the Meat lover or the Maranello's.
BBQ Chicken Pizza (M) $19.90
And as requested by mom, we got the garlic cheese pizza which is really garlicky, it tasted like garlic bread on a pizza. The dough is thin, crispy and chewy at the same time. My mom loved it. I would recommend this one as well. :)
Garlic Cheese Pizza (M) $12.90

It was Monday again.. Weekend is always seems so shortt... 
Back to reality, wake up super early, go to work, go home and cook dinner + lunch for the next day. 
I have to go groceries shopping today as I haven't prepare anything yet for dinner. I asked my fiance to accompany me to Coles. The intention was to help me carry the groceries but he ended up talking me out to have dinner in Maranello's when I was supposed to cook. Oh well, I can't complain much cause Maranello's foods is soo delicious and full of flavours :)
So I ask my brother to join us and apparently not long after, my sister got home and all 4 of us were having dinner together.

Maranello's is a hidden gem in Maroubra. It is always packed of people but most of the customer must have been locals that live nearby. It's not really well known to some of my friends. But they always served fresh and delicious foods!

On every table, there will always be 2 ramekins; one is for parmesan cheese powder and the other one is chillies in olive oil! I can tell you now that the cheese powder will always be empty at the end of the meal.

So we got 3 dishes to be shared among the 3 of us.. Well it does not like we are sharing the portion. just so that we can try different dishes ;P And also as I was eating with 2 other guys with big apetite.. My sister just got back from running so she didn't feel like eating mains, she skipped to dessert :p

Pizza base which is super duper yummy, Chewy in the middle and crispy on the edge. They make it so thin but keeping the toppings as much as they could fit the circle :) We usually get Maranello's pizza instead of the supreme but we thought that we're gonna try something different
Supreme Pizza (Medium) 19.90
Toterllini Boscaiola - Fresh made tortellini with mushroom, ham and bacon in a creamy sauce. Not the healthiest option out of the menu but definitely worth the fat? ;P
Tortellini Boscaiola $19.90
Spaghetti with prawn and scallop Aglio - Olive oil, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and lots of garlic. That was the description of the menu but I can assure you that the garlic is invincible. I really love the aroma of garlic oil. How the olive oil was infused with the garlic basting the spaghetti. One thing that lacks from this dish for me is a cut up red chillies ^^ The seafood was really fresh and we got a lot of them too :) Love the cruchiness of the King prawns .................
King Prawn & Scallop Aglio $23.9
We finished the meal with a protruding belly as we were sooo full, but then when the nutella pizza came and we took a bite of it... All of our feeling of full disappear for a moment.. It is true that all of us have a second stomach for dessert ;P I lovee the nutella pizza! crispy base, sweet nutella with refreshing strawberry pieces on top, with the addition of the creamy, smooth and silky homemade vanilla ice cream <3
Nutella Pizza $15.90
Below are pictures from my previous visit :)
Maranello's Pizza - Ham, pepperoni, Capsicum,Mushroom, Oregano & Garlic. Ive always liked this pizza more than any other choice from the menu
MAranello's Pizza $19.90
Spaghetii Marinara - Tiger King prawns, mussels, fresh cuttle fish, baby octopus and squid with garlic and chilli in Neopolitana Sauce. This dish is a must order in Maranello's. Aside from the fresh seafoods that u get, the sauce is really rich with tomato and herbs. 
Spaghetti Marinara $23.90
Caution: The portion size is really huge! best to share :) 
Service was great, staffs were friendly and attentive.
Overall Dining experience ..  Always great! This place is highly recommended!!

Mains Menu Below, For the complete menu, you can find it here


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