Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kiama Trip

Its been so long since I planned a one day getaway using the 'MyMulti Day Pass' to visit Kiama as Bebski hasn't been there yet.. I went to Kiama in 2008 and I can remembered having a great seafood meal near the coast. Last couple of weeks has been raining and cloudy and so I decided no matter what this Saturday we have to go despite the weather! And luckily, the weather forecast change from thurderstorm to mostly sunny! So excited!

We woke up really early in the morning and arrived in Kiama ard 11AM, walked around, saw the famous blow hole then we make our way to the seafood place that I visited 6years ago,, Man time really flies!

The seafood place was still the same from afar with the metal chairs and table placed outside, I remembered I was sitting there with my girlfriends 6years agoo.. But now they renovated the interior and made that part of the place to a cafe and the seafood place moved to the back of the spot looking out to the coast.

There were only 2 ladies working in the seafood place and the place get quite crowded during lunch hour which made the place a bit of order..! Customer literally had to wait to order and some order got mixed up!

We looked at the menu and decided to order the Fisherman's basket as we get to taste a little bit of everything that they offer :)

They also served fresh prawns and oyster, seafood and fruit salads too..

The Fisherman's basket consisted of Fish cocktails, Prawn cutlets, Prawn Tempura, Seafood Sticks, Calamari rings, Crab claws, Prawn cones, Ocean bites and chips. Everything was battered and deep fried. The batter was quite thick in some of the items. My favourite should be the prawn cutlets, the fish and the ocean bites. The rest tasted frozen to me. Especially the calamari rings, it does not taste like squid! it tasted as though as the squid has been processed, shaped into rings and deep fried. T.T

One of the lady said that they serve the freshest seafood with half the price than Doyle's Seafood.. Im like.. yeah right! ;P

Fisherman's basket 34.90

First bite was great.. But as we go on, the oil starts to haunt our throat :( We ended up not finishing everything..  We also ordered the seafood salad which consisted of small frozen prawns and processed crabs ;( It was okay just because they had good dressing on it..

Our bill came to $47.20 which is okay if the seafood was all fresh.. But oh well, lesson learnt! The quality of the seafood has changed since back then..!

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