Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Devon on Danks, Waterloo

Too bored in Jakarta, I decided to come back to the lovely Sydney for 3 weeks before my visa expires T.T So my first destination with my lovely sis is to visit Devon on Danks! Been to Devon cafe yearrrssss ago and from memory the foods didn't really impressed me. So I thought, might gve it another go..

We came Monday straight after we landed in Sydney. The good thing there was no queue, but unfortunately they don't have any soft serve that day cause they were experimenting on new flavours. So sad cause we really wanted to try the Pandan ice cream with chips!

The first thing that caught up our attention once entering the place are these little good looking babies :) There wasn't much left cause apparently 1pm is considered "late" to see the complete yummo cronuts in Devon on Danks. People swarmed this place early in the morning for pastries and their coffee :)

Ms.S was drained from the journey on the plane and she really needs her coffee hit, so she got a cup of capuccino :) Lovely coffee aroma is just perfect to start our day in Sydney :)

I got the Beetroot Cold pressed Juice , quite yummy with a stronger hint of the beetroot. I must admit this is that kind of drink that you will really like it or it may offend you with the earthy beetroot note ;p

Ms.S and I decided to order the 2 most ordered dishes here. One of them is the Spanner Crab pasta - Housemade egg yolk pasta with spanner crab, cherry tomatoes, garlic and parsley. The generous amount of crab is already a good indication that this is a good dish! I just wish the pasta could be more al dente to get that chewiness, but flavourwise, it was delish!

Spanner Crab Pasta $27
 Yes, this dish Breakfast with the Sakuma's is the 'must get' dish in Devon. Everyone was talking about it. The dish comprised of Miso grilled King Salmon, smoked eel croquette, 63egg, radish salad and kewpie mayo. I must admit, it was really a great combination of everything, the perfectly seasoned and grilled salmon, with the crispy on the outside croquette and well smoked eel inside, complemented by the oozing egg and creamy mayo! Really couldn't ask for a better meal :)
Breakfast with the Sakuma's $24.50
 My sister and I were talking whether we should get the donuts, by the time we decided to try all 3 flavours, it was too late. This guy just bought the black sesame flavour and we were left with the Salted Caramel and Raspberry sugar and cream Donuts. So we hurriedly got what's left. I love the raspberry ones! It wasn't as sweet as I thought even with the injection, but rather it completes the overall flavour. Not really a fan of the salted caramel ones. We thought that the fillings were too much ;p
3 donuts for $7
 Our humble first day meal back in Sydney :)

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