Sunday, March 15, 2015

Minh Vietnamese, Dulwich Hill

It's no surprise that there are a lot of Vietnamese Restaurant in Marrickville - Dulwich Hill area.. But this place is especially recommended by a friend of my mom. She said the Noodle in tomato sauce is the must try here and so I went last week to try it out!

As usual, I ordered the spring roll to start with. It was good but not great. the fillings were generous and what I like is that it's not greasy. The nuoc cham was a bit salty in my opinion..

 Chicken Spring Roll $6
Clear transparent chewy Vietnamese vermicelli noodle, topped with a variety of meats from BBQ pork, Prawn, fish cakes, sliced chicken and quail eggs :) The tomato based sauce tasted similar to the nuoc cham but thicker and the amount is just nice to cover up the noodle, It was my first time trying this dish and I loveee it! Tips for this dish, ask for separate sauce if u can't really handle Vietnamese sauce :)

Mr.W ordered a similar dish but instead of the tomato sauce, he ordered the Chicken noodle soup. The broth was full of flavour which is the most important element in a noodle soup!

The place was busy but the service is still very good. Highly recommended for a quick dinner or just to warm up during a cold windy day :)

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  1. Went there on the weekend and order its bonfire. It was a very interesting experience - kinda like DIY rice paper roll!

    Btw, I'd better try the noodle in tomato sauce!

    1. Yeaa i think i saw ur post up on fb sydney food blogger page :) its really interesting! Been meaning to go back there but it was close. 2 times i went there in the past weeks :((


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