Thursday, March 26, 2015

Grandma's Little Bakery, Alexandria

I always passed this place every time I drove by O'riordan st but never got the chance to try the place out. So my mission of 3weeks in Sydney is to visit all the places that I don't get to  try last year..

The place was packed with people on Saturday when Mr.P and I went but as usual we did manage to get ourselves a table :)

They provide outdoor and indoor dining area and they also have all sorts of stuffs to buy from cookies, jams, oil, condiments, takeaway foods etc.

 Mr.P and I decided to order the Freshly squeezed Lemonade. It took me by surprised that the "Freshly" description does lift up to its name! I was expecting at least a bit of sweetness from the lemonade. But its totally sour and refreshing ;p

Freshly squeeze lemonade $5.50
 Apart from our own dish, we decided to try out the Chicken Quinoa Salad with spinach and quinoa and the grilled chicken. I don't particularly a fan of the dish just because I don't really like spinach.. But the grilled chicken was tasty and the homemade tahini sauce was perfect for the dish!

Chicken Quinoa Salad $12.50
Mr.P ordered the Beef Bolognese Shakshuka - Gooey eggs in the middle of the rich minced beef in Moroccan sauce is the best remedy for a warm breakfast, served with Grandma's bread which looks like a pita pocket

Beef Bolognese Shakshuka $15.50
 Apart from eggs and chorizo for brunch, my weak on the knee thing is Mushrooms! So The tempting description of the Beef & Mushroom Vol-au-vents bought me straight away. The portion was really generous! The pastry to me can be more fluffy, but the mushrooms and the beef were scrumptious, especially with the drizzled of the Tahini sauce.

Beef and Mushroom Vol-au-vent $11.50
I definitely recommend this place to chill on a Sunday morning or a quick brunch. Food prices are reasonable, service is great and taste wise, you gotta try it yourself :)

Happy trying~

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  1. Wow now that is one interesting variation of shakshuka!


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