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Exploring Malaysia ( Genting Part )...

I haven't wrote any entries ages ago since my Wedding day. Yup, I got married on the 16th May 2015 ;p The party was Uhmazing and it was an unforgettable day for mee :) Not long after that, my hubby & I decided to postpone our so called Honeymoon til the end of the year as we were struggling with our visa to go back to Sydney. Luckily, we got friends in Penang and so we planned a trip to Genting-KL-Ipoh-Sitiawan and Penang :)

So here is the Journeyy...
We arrived in KLIA late at night and we were picked up by the car from Genting and we reached Genting 12:30 in the morning. I went to Genting many times already but that was the first time I went with Bebski. The weather was not as cold as I remembered.

We stayed in Grand Genting Hotel, It looks like an old building but actually they just renovated 7-9th Floor. The room was comfy and was pretty good and spacious :)

After putting all of our luggage, dad was starving and so we went to Old Town White Coffee for late night supper. We got the Seafood Hor fun, Chicken Noodle Soup and dad ordered the French Toast. Mom loves the hor fun but to me, it lacks flavour. I need to add soy sauce and chilli padi to enhance the flavour.

Our tired and sleepy faces ;P Love them sooo muchh :)

Second day in Genting. Hubby & I were so excited to explore Genting. He went there 8 yrs ago anf I went 2-3 yrs ago. We were curious as to what changes happened since we came. The view from our room is magnificent and the weather was perfect too.

We had breakfast in The Bakery. The only decent bakery they got in Genting ;p Dad craved their croissant and so we went for a quick bite. It was a bit pricey in my opinion, we spent 67RM for all that. 

After breakfast, we decided to part our ways with mom and dad, we went exploring First World Area. See, Genting Highland is veryyy spacious, it takes up the whole mountain and They built so many different kind of hotels and theme parks. Unfortunately, they are expanding and renovating their outdoor theme park and so we don't have much to do there T.T

The look of their indoor theme park is still the same as last time I went but they took out the food court and change it to Kids playground.

Roaming around with half empty tummy, we came across this Market Food Street Stall. Those meats on stick and fried stuffs caught my attention right away. There goes all my diet all this time before the wedding, I am blowing all off in this trip ;p

We bought the Fried Durian, Sausage stick, Fishball Stick, Fried Sweet potato and Cheese Dorayaki ;p

With food in our hands, we walked further into the theme park and Bebski asked me to go into Ripley's Believe it or Not showroom which I never got the chance to go.
Entrance Fee is about 47RM for two adults. I do recommend visiting this place if you got nothing else to do there ;p

After spending almost an hour here, we went for lunch with my parents again in The Eatery. It's a small hidden food court near Grand Genting, just behind the elevator. The foods were pretty yummy except the Hainanese chicken rice ;p Dad got Kum Hiong Crispy chicken rice with a strong belacan taste, I got the chef recommended dish - Cantonese Ying Yong Wan Tan Hor, they got both flat rice noodle and crispy noodle smothered in thick egg gravy soup with combination meat. It was delish!! Mom for the Pineapple Fried Rice which was pretty standard and it got quite strong curry powder taste in it.

We had Herbal Jelly for dessert. It was cooling and silky. The Herbal Jelly itself has a bit of bitterness to it and you gotta enjoy it with some sugar syrup poured on top. 10RM for the small bowl.
But trust me, it you like Herbal Jelly, you would love this. Bebski had 3 bowls in total during our trip ;p

To digest the big lunch, we went to Chin Swee Temple. It is a very big temple located on the way to Genting Highland itself. If you have no car to drive down, around Genting, they got taxi service to drop you off and even wait for you but you have to negotiate on the price. We paid 100RM just to go to the Temple and To Gohtong Jaya for some Durian :)

I do recommend everyone visiting Genting to drop by the Temple. It is so beautiful and the scenery is breath taking from there. They got Turtle Pond below the temple and there were so many people throwing coins and making wish in that pond :)

If you think that my trip involves a lot of eating, you are totally right. Our main purpose of this holiday is more to do a culinary than anything else ;p Our second stop is to Gohtong Jaya, it is even further below from the Temple. Here is a street full of foods. We stopped in this bakut Teh place and had their famous Bakut Teh and also Crispy Sliced Pork Belly cooked in sweet and savoury sauce. Not to forget, we got our Mao San King Duriannn :) Gosh I love Duriannn hihi ;P

After that meal, we went back up to Genting Highland and went around the Casino and walk around again to digest that much foods. Dinner time came and there are a lot of Marrybrown fast food scattered in the whole Genting and the place was almost always full of people so Bebski & I decided to give it a shot. We got the Chick-A-Fillet box which includes 2 chicken pieces in black pepper sauce, a scoop of creamy potato salad and chips.

That is pretty much how we spent our second day. The plan was to stay 3 nights in Genting and then take bus straight to Penang, but we got too bored in Genting that we decided to go to KL the next day and stay there.

So early in morning, we got ready and had a quick bite. There is this Yumcha place in Genting where they sell Sesame balls and Pork Buns in a small stall outside the restaurant. Mom bought quite a lot for us waiting for lunch time. We are having all-u-can-eat buffet in Coffee Terrace but they are not open until noon.

We had lunch in Coffee Terrace before we go to KL. The foods were not as good as it used to be, but it was quite affordable for 37RM per person during lunch :) They offer a wide variety of foods from Malay, Chinese and Western Selections and they got Salad, Fruit and Desserts sections as well.

Say Goodbye to Genting for now, we are going to KL for some more culinaryy :)

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