Monday, June 15, 2015

Exploring Malaysia ( Ipoh & Sitiawan ) ...

Continuing my post from KL, after having breakfast with my parents, they dropped us to KL Sentral and we took the ETS Train to Ipoh. It was a 3 hours long ride and the condition of the train itself is pretty new but they don't have enough space for big luggage, so I ended up sitting in the train bending my feet up on the seat for the whole journey T.T

The way to Ipoh is undoubtedly picturesque and it's so calming seeing a lot of greeneries and mountains.

3 hours later.. We arrived in Ipoh and our good friend Mr.JT picked us up and brought us straight away to eattttt :)

One of the many restaurants in Ipoh that worth visiting is Lou Wong. We arrived 4pm and the place was still full of people. They close at 4:30PM and will re open again for dinner. Thankfully, we made it just on time :)

Popular dish in this restaurants are the Soy Steamed Chicken and the Beansprout. The workers there hardly speaks English. Luckily our host can speak more than 2 languages, so we are safe ;p Apart from those two dishes, we also ordered their homemade Fish and Pork Balls. Instead of steamed rice, we had Rice noodle soup to accompany the meals, We also ordered chicken feet but I was too hungry to wait for the Chicken feet to come for the picture ;p

With full tummy, we continue our journey straight to Sitiawan. It's Mr.JT hometown and is located in the Manjung district of Perak with population of approx. 95,000 people.

It was at least 1.5 hours drive from Ipoh. I must say Sitiawan may look insignificant in map but the they surely do serve fresh seafoods and coconut water!
Arrived in Mr.JT's crib around 6PM, we took shower and got ready by 7:30 PM for dinner. Mr.JT's parents brought us to their favourite seafood restaurant called Kuan Hwa

It is the first place where I experienced the fresh-est Coconut water and flesh ever! It tasted so different from the rest I've tried in many other places. ON top of that, the seafood are fresh and the herbs that they cooked with are so fragrance and delish!

That much foods on the table and it costs not more than 100RM. That means not more than 35AUD ;P

There are not much of a nightlife here in Sitiawan. The locals usually hangs out in Cafes playing darts or pool or just chill with friends so that's what we did as well HeHe...

Our last day in Sitiawan before we head to Penang, we got to try the so-called-very-yummy Bakut Teh according to Mr.JT.

He ordered both wet and dry Bakut Teh. It's the first time I found out they have a dry one too. Each pot consists of Pork ribs, pork belly, pork intestines and pork meat. The soup is different from the one in KL, it is less medicinal and lighter which is why bebski loves this one better. For me personally, I like the one in KL cause they got more punch of the flavour.

But my fave on the table should be the dry pot! It is enrich with many herbs and spices and is so good eaten with steamed rice! If u asked why there is fried sticky dough on the small bowl, the answer is local eat that by dipping them in the Bakut teh soup ;p

After breakkie, we went to Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island) with Ferry. It is a short ferry ride of 10mins only

Arrived in Pulau Pangkor, we hired 2 bikes to explore the island for the day. Bike hire cost us 60RM excluding fuel. It was an amazing island I must say. The scenery are just breath taking and riding a bike is sooo much funnnn :)

We made a couple of stops to take pictures and to enjoy the beautiful view while chatting with each other. Had a great quality time together there :)

It took us about 45mins to go around the island without stopping. After riding for hours, we were starving and found this fried food truck where we bought a whole lot of snacks ;)

After the snack, we went back to the port and waited for the ferry to bring us back to Sitiawan. It was a really fine day and I can't wait to show more pictures of my journey in Penang :) Even though I ended up getting sun burn and sweating like crazy most of the time, I do enjoy my time in Sitiawan alottt :)

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