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Exploring Malaysia ( Penang ) ...

2.5 hours drive from Sitiawan to Penang at night can be quite boring and when we arrived, we were so starving. So Mr.JT brought us to this foodcourt kinda place called Good-All Cafe where they have pretty much everything all kind of foods Penang has to offer.

We ordered as if we were just out from jail. Quite a lot of foods for the three of us ;p Starting from the top left is Ochien ( Fried Oyster Egg) which has that smoky wok aroma, then we got some kind of char kuey teow but instead of rice noodle, they used carrot cake. In the middle is Seafood Laksa, my favourite of the night. The broth is light and not full of flavours! We also ordered Hokkian Noodle which quite disappointing and Wan Than Mee which was okay :)

When you visited Malaysia, you can't pass the temptation of Lok Lok. Steamboat sticks dipped into hot broth and serve with a variety of sauces. It is pretty cheap, we ate heaps of sticks and only paid for around 23RM. It's a good nibble to chat with friends bu I don't think you'll get full from eating them ;p

The second day in Penang, Mr.Jt brought us for a brunch in Coffee Smith near Queens Bay Shopping mall. The place is pretty cozy and welcoming but it is quite pricey at the same time.
I got the German Sausage set which comes with wedges, scrambled eggs, and cheesy toast. The set also comes with a cup of coffee and juice.

~ 19RM if I'm not wrong ;p
Bebski got the Steak & Double fried egg set. The beef was tender but there was nothing special about the taste. I think this dish is the most expensive set they got in the place :)

Mr. JT got the Basilico Sandwich which is basically chicken pesto in a sandwich :)

After the brunch we went around a couple of malls cause we don't really know where else to go except culinary ;p So in the evening, we went to this Indian eating spot to try out Roti Tissue and Roti Bomb ;p My Indo friend suggested to go to the one in Jalan Kayu but Mr.JT decided to take us to Sri Ananda Bahwan in Jalan Tanjung Bungah but they have another shop in George Town (Tourist site which I will write about later).

We tried the Roti Bomb which is the top left pic, It is a fluffly roti Canai sweetened with condensed milk and still got the crisp on the outside. On the right is Masala Thosai or Dosa. A fermented crepe which is made from rice batter and black lentils. There is mashed potato and veggies inside the dosa and is served with chutneys and mint yoghurt.

Now this is what they called Roti Tisu. I thought at first the roti will be as soft as tissue but it is actually crispy and thinner than roti canai. It is drizzled with sugar syrup all over. Highly recommended to try!!

Who knew that a stranded ship in Penang serve a very delish steak insidee :) Located in Jalan Batu Feringih, this Steak on Ship place do create a vibe of actually eating inside a real ship. The ambiance inside are so classic and alive that we got so excited to try out their foods.

The first menu on the Grill list is Neptune Taurus Delight - A combination of grilled tiger prawn and tenderloin fillet, topped with gravy and serve on a hotplate with chips and corn cob.

Mr Jt and I go for the Fillet Mignon - Grilled fillet steak with turkey bacon, asparagus served with black mushroom gravy sauce and veggies. They used shitake mushroom in the sauce so its kinda create a combination of western and eastern taste which I love. The beef was so juicy and tender. The disappointment lies on the asparagus. We had the picture of a fresh green crunchy asparagus like we usually had in Australia. We forgot there is no such thing here ;p

Overall dinner was great but the service here can be quite slow and it's hard to gain attention from the waiters as the place was packed with people.
In the area also, they have night markets. So you can walked around, sight seeing digesting all the meaty goodness :)

The third day in Penang, we had the famous Ah Soon Har Mee for breakfast. We arrived at 10Am and the place was already packed with locals. Its a good sign that they serve yummy foods here.

The Har mee made up of Prawn broth and is served with pork belly, dried shrimp, crispy pork lard, prawn, boiled eggs and noodle. Not to forget the belacan chilli to accompany the dish. It was top notch hands down the yummiest har mee I've tried so far :)

We also tried Spicy chow mein from the stall next to it and also kaya bread with half boiled eggs.

After a hearty breakfast, we went to George Town, one of the famous tourist spot. The area is so wide that we spent almost a day walking around. There are heaps of street art around the road which is the spot for photography :)

Apart from taking photos with the art, culinary is still our main purpose, so we bought some snacks along the way. On the top picture, I got the sesame peanut Mochi for 2.50RM only! I love the chewiness of the mochi and the crushed nut coating has just the right amount of sweetness :)

Walking in Penang feels like Sydney during summer. It was so hot and dry, Luckily, we came across this 70's Ice balls that cost around 3-4RM. It is made from crushed ice shaped into a giant balls and drizzled with syrup. We got the Sarsaparilla syrup and Rose Syrup.

Walking with giant ice balls do attract attentions from others :P It's okay though, we love attention and icy stuff on a hot day hihih. An advise from me, eat it quickly as it melts pretty fast and the melted syrup can be quite a headache as u eat while walking.

Evening came again and we need another food to feed the tummy. So we went to this famous Aunty char kuey teow place in Lorong Selamet. Why this place is famous is because of the Aunty that cooks there. She can be a pain in the ass and scold at customer sometimes. She doesn't take any request like no beansprout or no prawns. She just cooks and deliver. 

The Char kuey teow itself in my opinion was pretty standard. It does not stands out than the others I've tried anywhere else. I'm not sure why the place is packed with people like non stop. The price is higher than any other Char kuey teow. I personally think this place is overrated ;p

We also got Loh Bak as side dish. Loh Bak is actually a five-spiced mince pork and prawn rolled in beancurd skin and deep fried. It also comes with other meats such as fish balls, pork sausages, century eggs and cucumber served with chilli sauce and a house special sweet sauce. SO good!

Mr.Jt then told us "I brought u to the so-called famous kuey teow, now I will bring you to the real yummy char kuey teow I know", so we went to Burmah Road, there is this small foodcourt place right across Balai Polis Tikus. 

We bought the Char Kuey teow. With a very full tummy and the feeling of "no-more-food-please", I took a bite and OH Gawd! I literally just tasted the best Char kuey Teow ever! It got the smoky wok aroma they supposed to have, there's a bit of spiciness to it which gives a bit of punch, the prawns were so fresh and crunchy and the flat rice noodle has been cooked perfectly with the right chewiness. And the best part is, it's just half the price of Aunty's and its cooked with duck egg!

Feels so sad that this yummy place with no name on it serve a far way better kuey teow but is not known at all. T.T

4.50RM with duck egg
Mr. Jt also got the Assam Laksa. And yes I highly recommend the laksa as well. The broth has the balance of the sourness, spiciness and sweetness and it has that complexity of flavour and yet you got the feeling of wanting to slurp it again and again. No wonder Mr.JT said he is not sharing that time. He wants the full bowl for himself ;P

Penang Assam Laksa

Before going to Penang, Bebski watch Discovery Travel and Living about culinary in Penang and this is the first and only thing he wishes to try the minute we arrived in Penang. I think Mr.JT has quite enough of hearing bebski's whining about wanting to find this Ban Jian Kuih (Malaysian Sweet Crepe)

As I expected the taste is similar to Martabak manis we have in Indo. The only difference is it is smaller in size and so it got crispier edge and thinner. :)

Thank God we actually find it on our last day in Penang. Otherwise, bebski will be one furious dude ;p

Our trip to Penang has been mind blowingly awesome! Mr. Jt has been an amazing host bringing us here and there. Bebski & I will definitely be back to Penang to discover some more yummy foods :)

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