Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Melbourne Culinary 2.0

Another Melbourne postttt ! It's been my favorite city to visit lately. In fact I am planning to go again in early April just for culinary purposes ;P I appreciate coffee more because of Melbourne hihi.. 

So this post was during my visit back in Dec 2015. I know right, its been too long! That time I traveled with plane and yeah, I conquer my fear of flying, sort of ;p

First stop is to St.Ali in South Melbourne. I reached there at around 2PM and was in shock cause the people are actually still queuing for table! It amazed me at the same time how wide their dining space are. The cafe itself has the central spot on the top left pic below, but they got other dining area which are just across this spot and next to it. 

How cool is that Pool of Bottled Ice Coffee! :)

They have DJ in da hood too! how Cool is that ......

We seated after almost about 20mins of waiting and I got their Ice Cold Latte.. I think this ice coffee down here is my favourite so far in both Sydney and Melbourne! It was light in terms of mouth feel and yet the flavour is pretty strong and aromatic! Highly Recommended...

For the foods, we ordered My Body is My Temple. A vegan option which comprise with Pistacchio Sponge, Pecan, Dark Chocolate, crunchy Puffed Grains, Banana Matcha Mousse, Fresh bananas and Lime. I love the texture but flavour wise, it wasn't great, just love the banana ;P

The next dish that we ordered is actually the 1st dish on the "Hall of Fame" category in their menu which is called My Mexican Cousin ^^ I really like how they named their dish :) SO it's a Corn fritter made with their secret recipe with poached egg, Grilled Haloumi, Corn and Cucumber Salsa, Spicy tomato puree and Green Salad. Almost every table ordered this dish, so I thought might give it a go.. Again, it doesn't impressed me much, despite the perfect oozing poached egg and the freshness of the combination, the corn fritter wasn't the best I've had.

That may also be because we were too full from the previous lunch that we had in Menya and the tiredness since we caught the really early flight on the 1st of Jan after watching the fireworks the previous day.. muahaha..

For Dinner, we straight away went to Ma Brown. Which I did book early for their quails! I still go to the one in Balwyn. Even though it's quite a drive, I think its always worthed for good food. Recently my friend dine in the one in the city but he told me it was just good and not life changing good.. I wonder whether the taste are the same.. I am really curious, wanna confirm it but don't wanna risk my chance of paying for un-delicious foods ;p

PS: If u go to Ma Brown, take photo and upload it on insta wwith hashtags, they give our free dish if u win.. I won a deep Fried Calamari on my next visit! I wonder if it's still redeemable in my next visit to Melboourne hihi..
Its the first time my dad visited the place and heee lovesss it. Can't get enough of them :)

That's basically summed up my first day in Melbourne..

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