Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Melbourne Culinary 2.1

Second Day in Melbie.. started with breakfast in Industry Beans which is located in Fitzroy. An interesting area with heaps of cool Graffiti covering almost all the walls here.. !

Personally loves the design place itself! we were hoping to get the outdoor seating as the lighting is better but it was too full even at 9:30am! So we got ourselves a table near the entrance..

The dish here are veryy prettyyyy but I think taste wise is just okay.. Its just personal preference though and maybe I ordered the wrong dish..

Coffee Garden below comprise of Coffee Custard Pudding, Coffee caviar, cold drip gel, chocolate soil pistachio sponge and tulle. My mom and sis loves this one. The coffee caviar is the one that impressed me and yeah maybe cause im not a fan of coffee, I don't really like it.

Love the Steel Cut Oats! Lavender Mango, Coconut yoghurt, crumble and freeze dried fruit. A simpler dish that works well with the combinations I think.. :)

Green Papaya and Peanut Crusted Egg with Blue Swimmer Crab (optional)! Love this one, as usual my fave papaya salad done right with just the right tanginess of the nahm jim sauce and the crusted egg are just yummm. What I dont like is the blue swimmer crab in the salad, which we ordered because mom loves them hihi...

Overall, I think the foods are very well priced, the Asian inspired menu is inviting, I might come back to try our their other dishes! The Shanklish Omelette even though sounds ordinary is actually an interesting one as it went through to the table next to us! :)

After a hearty breakkie, we went to Victoria market and as usual got the Donut and this time we actually have some nibbles along the way.. We had a late lunch in Chin Chin, thinking it won't be busy after lunch hour which was around 2PM. We still had to wait for quite a bit.

The place can accommodate a lot of crowd with 2 levels dining area. The basement has the bar-dim-light atmosphere (bottom photo below) and the upper area is more to a casual dining.

Even though we were full from the snacking in QV market, the taste of the foods here in Chin Chin still impressed us to the max! We got an option to do A la carte or an option to let them choose a number of their popular dishes so we can try a bit of everything. We choose the a la carte.

Went with the Butter Chicken Curry - Caramelised Sticky Pork with Chilli Vinegar - Crispy Baramundi & Green apple salad with cripsy pork - Grain Fed Wagyu sirloin with Jungle curry Paste. I take back my words that there's no good thai restaurant in Melb!

I remembered someone told me Chin chin is exxy and the foods are so so. From there onwards, I never ever will take anyone's words regarding food taste cause in general, taste is just personal and diff people will have diff likings :) The foods here are awesome. My family loves them and is proven by the never ending queue ;P The flavours in each of every dish are different from other Thai place. A good different though. I think you should at least try out Chin Chin if u ever visited Melb.

From that late lunch, we were toooo very fuull! Went back to the apartment for a bit then I asked my sis whether we're doin Huxtaburger that day. She said yes and so we go! A short stop to huxta before our dinner appointment with a family friend. Huxta have 3 different locations if I'm not wrong.. I went to the one in Collin St (CBD). The place is hidden in an alley.. NOt a surprise, it's melb afterall. everything are hidden in a laneway..

We got the THEO which is Huxtaburger with double patty, double cheese and Bacon! The only reason why we visited this place is because one of our friends claimed that the burger is better than Bar Luca's. First bite of the burger, literaaalllyyy brought me to Maccas's Beef burger taste >.< What we do love is the BUN!! It's awesomeeee.. fluffy and crispy. Just right for what a burger bun should be according to me and sis.
Another stop before our main dinner in Chinatown is Crazy Wings. I know we got crazy wings too in Sydney but trust me the level of chilli for the crazy wings are wayyyy different! One small bite can literally squeeze your tears out. My dad took a bit, throw it out almost instantly and still got his mouth burnt with the spiciness!

This is only to try out your chilli tolerance and I guess just for the fun of it. Not for taste or pleasure at all hahah!

After the dinner in one of the Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, we weren't that full (wasn't good but really crowded, don't know why!) so My bro and I went to Gami Chicken as our Melb friends said it is better that Arisun's Soy chicken!

The Original fried chicken was good but the soy, seriouslyyyy cannot even be compared to Arisun. haha! I supposed Syd still got the best KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) whatsoever said by Melbournian hohooh..

Overall the second in Melb I concluded that Industry beans serves great coffee, Chin Chin is a must visit, Gami chicken MEh.

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