Thursday, February 11, 2016

Melbourne Culinary 2.2

Third day in Melbournee.. Queuing for Hardware Societe.. My sis and I was expecting a pretty average foods since our brunch venture yesterday..

The queue was pretty long cause there were 4 of us.. But trust me, it was worth it!
I got their Matcha Latte which I think was superb.. It wasn't too sweet and it got that Tea bitterness to it.
This dish was the special of the day. I don't think they even have it on the menu. It was an amazing Black Forest Fried Brioche !! Comes with Coconut cream cheese, dessicated coconut, cherry compote and chocolate sauce. What not to love about this dish especially when the brioche were perfectly fluffy and chewyyy yumm ~~

The must get when you visited Hardware Societe is their Famous Baked Eggs. They got several choice from the veggie option, chorizo or duck. We definitely choose the chorizo (DEUX)! I usually am not a fan of baked eggs but this one is not tomatoey and not to wet! It just sooo good!

We also got the Crispy Pork Belly with bacon and potato hash and spiced apple relish. It wasn't great but anything with pork belly is legit for me ;P
Another amazing dish here is the Salmon Millefeuille :) What a fancy name haha. Confit salmon, Salmon Tartar, chives creme fraiche, pickled zucchini, asparagus, salmon pearls and poached eggs. One word. YUM. Must try!

Got the Lobster Benedict as well.. It was alright..

After feasting in Hardware, we went to La Belle Miette for their macarons and bought a range of flavours.. I don't think Im a macarons person cause I've tried many diff macarons but none has yet to make me wanna buy for seconds. Except the popcorn macarons by Le Maison in Medan (Indonesia)!
These babies here are good, don't get me wrong, it's just Macaron is not my thing ;P

For lunch, Mom wanted to have PHO24 so we went! The broth of the pho was flavoursome :) I usually find pho broth is bland but this one I love, especially with the chilli addition! Dad got the rice pork but it's not good according to him. My suggestion, stick with the pho ;p

For dinner, we went to Rice Paper Scissor but got rejected since their seating session are very tight.. So we went to this Italian place in Lygon st. It was so bad >.< Despite the friendly waitress, the foods took too long that we almost go out from the place and the flavs were too average!

After that we went to Stokers as always a must every time we visited Melb :)
Got the Almond with maple syrup pancake which is a simpler version of the rest in the menu.

And the Maha Banana Flambe Pancake! Awzzuuummm ~~

That's pretty much my third day in Melbourne :))
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