Monday, July 20, 2015

Bread & Circus, Alexandria

One fine Tuesday, while I got my day off work, I visited Bread & Circus with my sister. Been wanting to try this place out but never got the chance. I got a friend working there as the barista, so I thought might as well visit him :p

The place is located behind Campos in 21 Fountain st. The minute you walk into the cafe, all you see is everything Pink and is surrounded with displays of fruit and vegetables. A very good sunlight too for pictures hihi.. But the place can be a bit chilly during time like this, so make sure you wear thicker clothes when visiting.

The menu changes daily and they always update it up on their website, so exciting, it does make u wanna come back every day ;P

I would love to work here where everything is pink and oh so girly ;P
On every dining table got a large pumpkin and other perishable goods. They only provide brown sugar here and no other sugar.

I got my Capuccino and they are using Mecca coffee.

Cappuccino $4.50
A quick shot of what we had on the day.. ;P

They call the dish Breakfast with Gwyneth. Sautéed Quinoa with Kale and mixed greens with chilli and garlic along with the two fried Biodynamic egg. The dish was very tasty and the garlic is quite strong and fragrant. The eggs were perfect with oozing yolk. I couldn't be any more happier getting just the quinoa and fried egg ;P

Breakfast with Gwynth $20
My sis and I decided to get a savoury and a sweet breakfast each to share. So we decided to get the Morning Jumble (Small size). Seasonal fruits with a choice of either crunchy granola or very brilliant bircher  and biodynamic yoghurt with a drizzle of Agave syrup. We also have an option of Coconut yoghurt which we picked!

Morning Jumble $15 + $3.50 Coconut yoghurt
We had a great breakfast here and would definitely come back for their lunch menus, I heard their salads and sandwiches are amazeballs as well!! This place is highly recommended for healthy eatings!

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  1. I've been wanting to try this place for ages too! Your pic of breakfast with Gwyneth looks delish.

  2. love how fresh that morning jumble looks!


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