Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Master Bowl Chinese Restaurant, Chinatown

A short post on Master Bowl in Chinatown.. I've always wanted to try their spicy stir fry dry pot.. My usual go to place is in Hurstville butit may take awhile by train now that I live in Mascot and car-less ;P So Bebski and I decided to have it a go to the one in Chinatown, along with Mr.P

The place is usually crowded during dinner time but last Saturday, there wasn't too many people queuing, so good for us :) We were handed the menu and the writings are mostly in Chinese which none of us have the ability to read, so we just go by the symbols for the dry pot tee hee..

The thing to be careful in this place is not to over order on the dry pot.. The price may seems cheap but It'll pile up to a massive $60 easily ;p

They have other side dishes and noodle dishes as well, but that night we just ordered the dry pot with steamed rice :)

Because Mr.P can't handle chilli that well, we ordered the Level 2 spiciness. With Pork and Beef slices, Crispy Pork, Cauliflower, Sweet potato Noodle, Puffed Tofu, Pork Intestine, and Mushrooms. The taste is similar to the one in Hurstville (Chilli Garden), but I think the price and portion are better in Chilli Garden. And there was too much oil at the bottom of the pot. But we got no complain otherwise cause we went out happy with full tummy :)


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  1. Ha I've always wanted to go here just to eat out of a giant wok. lol


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