Friday, July 10, 2015

Local Mbassy, Ultimo

A newly opened cafe in Ultimo area, precisely just across wenworth park. Parking is considerably easy and not so many people know about this place yet except the locals that come and go for their takeaway coffees.

Went here with hubby yesterday to try their red velvet pancake which i saw during my "homework", is one of their popular breakfast dish. Besides from the all-day breakfast menu, they also offer some kind of fine dining menu with choices of starter and mains like roast beef panzanela and Sumac poached chicken.

The ambiance is relaxing but the place can be a bit chilly especially towards the entrance. The lightning also is pretty dim towards the back of the cafe. But Hubby loves the design, it is classy with all the beams and hanging bulbs.

The interior of the cafe itself is not very big, but not to worry they have outside dining area as well. That if you can take the winter breeze ;P

Selection of muffins, schones and other sweets are displayed near the counter.

To start with, as usual, Chai Latte for me. It's quite sweet to my liking and they still gave me a sachet of sugar ;p I know just a bit about coffee and I think the barista didn't do the milk froth any justice hihi,,

A latte for Hubby..

Regular Latte $3.50
Hubby got the Full English Breakfast which consists of Poached eggs, Double smoked Bacon, Sausages, Mushrooms, Grilled tomatoes, Brown bread, Potato Rosti and a side of beans. The portion was huge that even bebski feels full at the end of his meal and he can barely eat the pancake anymore ...

Full English Breakfast $18
I ordered the Shakshuka with Baked beans, Bacon, Poached eggs in sweet paprika sauce. What can I say.. It's good but not great. The sauce was a bit sweet for a savoury person like me and they surely are very generous with portion size ;p The bacon and baked beans can fill 2 female easily ... They also offer a vegetarian option for the Shakshuka.

Baked beans with Bacon $17

The moment that I've been waiting for from the first time it arrived on our table! The Red Velvet Pancake. This is the first time I tried something like this. Pancakes are fluffy and has a very good chocolate note in it not just food colouring.. The cream is light and the berries just add a perfect touch to the dessert. It is highly recommended if ever u visited this place. And again the dish can be shared. It's enormous ;P

Red Velvet Pancake $15.50
Overall dining experience was great! The service was exceptional and the pancake is a must get! I will definitely be back to try their other dishes. I just hope they can add more variety on the all-day breakfast menu :)

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  1. Been dying to try the red velvet pancake here. Will have to stop by soon!


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