Monday, July 27, 2015

Orto Trading Co, Surry Hills

Went to Orto trading 2 weeks ago with my brunch team Mr.P and ms.L.. We waited for a good 20mins to be seated but looking at all the foods that came out from that magical kitchen assure us that it would be so worth it.

I knw coming to a popular brunch spot on a Sunday at ard noon is totally a queue suicide, but we got no choice as we only have free time on Sunday and that's the only day we are supposed to sleep in ;P

The interior of the cafe is bright and a bit crowded with tables. The front coffee area is full of hanging glass decorations. The kitchen located at the back of the cafe and is partly open so we can see the busy chef cooking all of the orders. I noticed there are a lot of people working in the cafe and everyone were very friendly and helpful.

I must say, the wait on the foods was pretty long.. We had to wait for at least 35mins before the they arrived. Luckily we haven't seen each other for quite a while so we had a lot to talk about and plus I just got that Good Food Guide book from Mr.P which can nicely shut me up for a good amount of time while sipping my chai :)

And finally, when we the food came, it didn't only look appetizing but they tasted amazing as well! There were three of us but we ordered an extra dish just cause ;P

Let me introduced the best dish of the day for me! It is Orto's Southern Fried Chicken Beni.  The Fluffy english muffins underneath the perfectly crispy fried chicken and also the creamy hollandaise with perfectly poached egg is just the best combo one can ever tasted :) I usually not a fan of muffin, but this one is an exception! All of the wait becomes worthed once I put this heavenly food in my mouth, like literally ~~!!

Southern Fried Chicken Beni $18
Second dish that we tasted is the Scotch egg with Salt cod and Picalilli. I can't believe Ms.L never tasted scotch egg before and this dish is the first time she ever tasted this. This dish is not too big and I think it's best ordered for a shared dish.

Scotch Egg $12
In almost every table in the cafe, there will always be the chicken beni and this Hash 2.0 !! This colourful dish consist of Birkshire Ham, cherry tomatoes, avocado puree, rocket, asparagus and poached egg. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of rocket butttt I keep diggin into this plate! The mini fried hash is just delightful :) The many texture of the components made you want to keep munching them.

Hash 2.0 $16
Lastly, we move one to Orto's Muesli. Sheep yoghurt, Organic Honeycomb and Seasonal fruits. I love love loveeeee this one! It's a good dish to end our brunch, its not as sweet but it's really filling after all those savoury meals :) And it always good to end things with sweet stuff ;P

Orto's Muesli $12

That pretty much covers up our great time in Orto Trading. Its been awhile since we have to wait that long to be seated and wait for the foods, but all I can say, we went out with a happy face and full tummy, so we couldn't ask for a better experience. Even when we walked out of the place, there were still queue outside. that's how good this place is!!

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  1. oooh that fried chicken looks glorious!

  2. I absolutely loved the fried chicken benni. Also enjoyed the truffled polenta chips - really crispy and full of flavour!


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