Sunday, March 19, 2017

Circa Espresso, Paramatta

Visited Circa recently with Mr.P since I always wanted to try the place out. My friend work there and it's a good time to visit her too ;p

I would recommend if you want to visit the place, come on weekdays on super early on the weekends. I had to wait 30mins for a table but I tell ya, the foods were super crazily delicious for me and Mr.P :)

So I started my morning with Iced Mocha. their coffee got more acidity then the other I've tried. It's not offensive for me but may be quite strong for some people :)

Their special menu is the Ottoman Egg, but unfortunately I'm kinda allergic to eggplant so unlucky for me, I couldn't taste it. But I noticed almost every table got that dish. Sorry P haha!

So instead we went to the Pork belly option with Sweet and Sour pineapple dressing, slaw and crushed nuts. Plus we add eggs on the dish!

Oh em Ji, the Pork belly was really tender and juicy, crisp skin and the tangy salad provides the crunch and freshness to the meat! Definitely a match made in heaven (exaggeration aside). You should definitely try this out!!

 And thanks for my friend who work there, Ms.D, she recommended the French Toast, which at first, not on our order list! Probably the best french toast I've had so far. Much better than Flowerchild!

With brulee banana, fresh berries, mascarpone, cinnamon, caramelised passionfruit and crushed pistachio on Brickfields Brioche.

Super duper fluffy Brioche, perfectly caramelised and the other component complement the toast very well. Especially those passionfruit caramel sauce. Definitely something different than the rest.

I understand how this place can be so packed even before they close their kitchen according to my friend who work there. They have simple ingredients in each dish but they do it perfectly! Ooh I'm still dreaming of that french toast! Droooollls!

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