Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chiswick, Woollahra

Have been meaning to check this place out since a couple months ago and I finally got a reason to drag bebski into Chiswick! Our double date partner Mr.V and Ms.S is going back for good soon and Chiswick is in their bucket list, so there, my reason ;p

Made a booking on Sunday, really want to go for lunch cause the restaurant itself is located in the middle of a beautiful green garden and the building itself is build with see through glass all over :)

Thankfully 6PM in October is still pretty bright so we got to taste a bit of the scenery before darkness took over..

The waitress approached us and letting us know about the special menu they got that day and also this special drink  - Japanese Pear - Bevedex Vodka, Sake, St. German Liquer & fresh Pear Juice. Love the cocktail mix, it was refreshing and yet have quite a strong sake note.

Japanese Pear $17
From the small plates menu, we ordered the Pressed duck, Prosciutto, pickled carrots and grilled Sourdough to start with. It tasted like spam to me somehow, Ms.S agreed. 

Pressed Duck with grilled sourdough $22
I've read a lot about this Crab Slider so this dish is in my top list to order! The slider consist of crab patty, lettuce, gherkins and kewpie. Hmmmm kewpie, a secret weapon that made everything so delish! I know now why this slider is so pupular! The bun was soft and the patty was scrumptious. I really recommend this one.

Crab sliders $10ea
Ms.S wanted to try the Chicken parfait, Crispy Chicken crackling, Daikon and Date Chutney. Everyone loved it except me! The parfait taste weird to my palate, it's like eating raw blended chicken? But seriously I think its just me. ;p The crisp crackling, though, was indescribably yummy!

Chicken parfait 2pcs $14
From the mains, we got the Paccheri pasta, spanner crab and snow peas. The tomato based sauce was rich but lacks a bit of salt in my opinion to bring out the flavour and unfortunately the paste was a bit undercooked, it's still quite hard...

Next come the Wood Roasted Moran family Lamb, artichoke and Hawkesbury Broccoli. I know it doesn't look that appealing but oh boy, that lamb was really tender and juicy! It was dish of the night for me, even though bebski and Ms.S wouldn't agree ;p Loved the smokey note in the dish and also that salsa verde on top is just like an icing on a cake! The portion was geenrous as well, I think it can safely feed 4people provided you order other dishes as well.

Matt Moran family lamb $75
I'm keeping the best for last. The uhmazing Roast Pork Belly with toasted Barley and Shallot Dressing. I know, I know, I hate shallot, but that dressing is a perfect complement to the pork! Shame that pork has to be shared between the 5 of us, cause I can just finished it all by myself haha ;p Perfect roasting and perfect crackling ~~

And,... we love our carbs! So we got these fluffy Hand cut Chips as a side with Black garlic aioli to dip in. Didn't really taste the garlic. To me, it just tasted like gravy ;p

Hand Cut Chips $9
All fixed up from savoury side and of course, a meal wouldn't be complete without dessert! So we ordered Chiswick Hazelnut Rocher with Vanilla ice cream. Chocolate and vanilla combination is always a good old classic. The chocolate was rich and smooth with the ferrero crunch at the bottom and nuts on top, the texture was just right and bebski is lovin it! On the contrary, I didn't really like it cause it was too rich. But then again I was never a chocolate lover to start with ;p

CHISWICK Hazelnut Rocher $17

The second dessert that we could fit into out belly after those foods is the Passionfruit Pavlova with Mandarin and Blood Orange Sorbet. I'm in love with this dessert! The pavlova is fluffy and yet still have a bite to it, the passionfruit provide that crunch and the tanginess from the sorbet kinda binds everything together. I literally can finish the whole plate by myself :)

Passionfruit Pavlova $17
Overall dining experience..... Foods were good.. The service was average, they were attentive before and half way through the meal but when the place started to be filled with people, they lost track of us T.T I also found a small piece of rubber band in the Lamb but didn't got the chance to let the waiter know about it.
Hoping to see Matt Moran himself there, but I'm not that lucky haha.

Do I recommend this place? I would say, it's worth a try.. ! Considering the amazing view, the Pork, the Lamb and the Pavlova and Ooh the slider!!

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  1. mm pork belly and toasted barley sounds good!

  2. Love the setting at Chiswick. Makes you feel like you're in someone's very fancy (and big) house!

  3. OMG PAV!

    How good is their lamb yummmm I need to go back here soon.


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