Sunday, November 2, 2014

Good time Diner, Bondi Junction

I received an invitation from Good Time Diner in Bondi Junction for their soft launch, I was so excited to attend and I invited one of my foodie friend as well to come and join me as I am allowed to bring a plus one :) We were seated on the right side of the area from the entrance with all other food bloggers. Lovely atmosphere and decoration of the place, it's warm and cozy :)

There were 2 big tables provided for us and it was a really intimate dining experience where we can mingle and chat with other bloggers while enjoying the foods. Sitting started at 7PM and not long after, the tables were full with bloggers!

We got to taste a little bit of everything that night from appetizers, salads and mains. We also have choices of drinks to choose and the staffs were very attentive in asking for another drinks ^^

I got the Stoney Peak Sparkling and Mr.W asked for cranberry juice but unfortunately he received pineapple juice ;p But not to worry, he got his Cranb juicy for his second round of drink ..

The appetizer arrived not long after we received our drinks. It was a shared Charcuterie Plate consisting of smoked pork belly, sliced salami, Smoked Cheese, Gherkins and Smoked nuts served with a crispy breads.

After so many shots taken, finally we got to taste the foods.. It was Mr.W first dining experience with food bloggers that he now know that before he can enjoy the foods, he needs to wait until we are satisfy with the shots ;p

I must say that the cheese and nuts were perfectly smoked and the pork belly was just a perfect combo with the crisp bread and the cheese! It's a good dish to start the meal. I can't wait for the next one to come. . .

Another appetizer arrived. This time it's the Garlic Bread. The bread was fresh, the garlic note on it was just right and 1 slice per person wasn't enough cause it's soooo tasty! I highly recommend the garlic bread for appetizer...

Next is Charred Cajun Corn covered in a very generous amount of butter! No complain though, the corn was juicy and the cajun spice was really profound which I love!

The awaited dish of the night has arrived! I had a high expectation for the Famous Mac & Cheese when I read the menu for the night. It was served in a small pot with oozing baked cheese all around it. All goodness in Mac & Cheese were there, the perfect cheesiness, creaminess all in one pot and I think they also put a bit of the cajun spice in there. A pot for two is a perfect portion in my opinion cause you don't wanna get too much cheese in one sitting :) The Mac & Cheese really deliver ~~

Before the sitting time, Mr.W and me was wondering around westfield cause we arrived a tad early. When we passed by the place, there was a lady serving a sampler of the slow cooked beef short ribs, we took a bite and it was Divine! We really can't wait to eat a bigger serving of that. And so the time has come when we got to properly enjoy the 12 Hours Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs, without the bone! How good is that ~~~ ^^ The meat was tender and juicy, the bbq sauce smothered on top was complemented the meat really well.

Another mains along with the beef is the Southern Spiced Chicken. The chicken was okay in my opinion, I'm more of a chicken breast than chicken thigh person ;p

The salads came right after the meats came as well. The first salad to arrive is the Cous Cous, Chickpea, Pine nut & Roast pumpkin salad. I enjoyed the cous cous salad very much, except that the onion pieces really made me work to eat the rest ;p

The second salad is the Fennel, Goat Cheese, Pear & Spinach Salad. A perfect crunchy salad to accompanied the juicy meat. It was my first time trying fennel salad and I loveee it!

Visit Good time Diner any day of the week cause you'll get treated with their daily specials! I would love to come back on Wednesday for their wings! It was a great experienced, knowing other food bloggers and the opportunity to sample yummy foods the place has to offer. Thanks Carlos for the invites :)

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