Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tan Viet, Cabramatta

My favourite eats in Cabramatta! Last week I brought Mr.V and his gf, Ms.S to taste what Cabra has to offer.. and before we went for the Pandan pancake and Durian shake, we had lunch in Tan Viet.
As usual, we had to queue, but the waiting time in Tan Viet has always been reasonable. Waited for 15mins while chatting and finally got a table.

Without further ado, we decided what we want. The Dry Noodle with Crispy Chicken! This is the dish that Tan Viet is famous for.. I always get the thick noodle instead of the thin one, cause its more chewy :) The noodle is topped with spring onions, cabage, coriander and the crispy fried garlic that made the noodle soo fragrance and tasty!

I also loooove to dip the chopped chilli into the Nuoc Cham sauce and just leave the chicken in the sauce to soak!

Crispy chicken noodle $12
Mr.V ordered the Rice Tomato with Crispy chicken. even though he has been warned that he should def order the noodle instead! hehe..

I also ordered a portion of the Pork Chop cause choosing between crispy skin chicken and pork chop is the hardest here! So I recommend to try the best of both meats hehe.. The pork chop is well seasoned and has that slight crunch layer that is soooo delish!

Pork Chop $4
That sums up our feast in Tan viet. The four of us left so full and yet still eager to have durian shakes! ^^

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  1. can never ever get sick of Tan Viet's crispy chicken! an oldie but a goodie :D

  2. oh man dying for some of that crispy skin chicken now!


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