Sunday, October 19, 2014

Danjee, Sydney

A new korean eating spot in the city! Danjee is located in Albion place, a small lane next to the entrance of Event Cinemas in the City. The place has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, almost like a classy version of the usual Korean restaurant in the city.

The place is pretty spacious and they also have outdoor seating. The staff greeted us with a smile and when we visited the place on Saturday it was full of people but worries not, they still have plenty of tables available :)

Not long after ordering, the Banchan came. And as usual, my favourite is the fish cake slices! ^^

The first to come is the Kimchi Jigae, as any other kimchi jigae, the soup is not spicy but it is packed with flavour from the kimchi juice, they also have pork belly, dokbukki slices and also tofu.

Kimchi Jigae $15
We also ordered the Haemul Japchae - Potato starch noodle with seafood in it. It was delish! Top notch for a japchae dish! But I wish the portion could be bigger for the price ;p Everything was gone in minutes between 4 of us ...

Haemul Japchae $16
The first main to come is the Bossam - Boiled pork belly served with radish and oyster kimchi, lettuce and perilla leaves. The pork was sliced thinly making it easier for us to eat and it was complemented perfectly by the tangy radish and oyster kimchi wrapped in a leaf. But again the portion was quite small for the price hehe..

Bossam $35
Lastly, the dish that I have been waiting for!! Danjee Fried Chicken... Tasty tasty tasty.  It came with 2 sauces, Chilli sauce and garlic sauce. But we loveeeeee the chilli sauce way more than the other one. The chicken may not be as wow as in Naruone or Arisun, but it is definitely up there :)

Danjee Fried chicken $35
Another thing that I love dining here is the healthy rice that they serve instead of a plain white rice. And also the service is no doubt top notch. The waiter was very attentive in filling water in our cups and quickly ask whether we would like to add more banchan :)
The place may be a tad pricey than the rest in the city but definitely worth a try ^^

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  1. oooh that fried chicken looks delish!

  2. I love Danjee! Their fried chicken is legit!

    1. i know rightttt :) R u coming to red pepper today? Really keen to see u again!


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