Monday, October 20, 2014

Manpuku, Kingsford

The only legit Ramen spot in Kingsford area! :) It was a big hit when it first opened.. I remembered the queue that I had to go through back then...  Manpuku is not as crowded as before but there will always be customer who needs a bowl of ramen every now and then, just like me and Bebski.. Getting sick of those Chinese and Indo foods around Kingsford, we decided to give Manpuku another visit along with Mr.V and his gf, Ms.S :)

Ordering system is easy. Pick a table, they will bring the menus to you and when you're ready to order, just make your way to the counter :) I was so hungry that day after a tremendously busy day at work so I ordered another extra treat for me-self, the Chicken Karage sides. Lovely chicken karage which is always a perfect match with Kewpie <3

Chicken Karage $5.50
Bebski and his love for Garlic Ramen! He got the Manpuku Black- Garlic flavour Soy based pork soup
Manpuku Black $13.90
And me.. As usual, my love for chilli and spicy foods brought me to Manpuku Red - Hot Chilli Flavour Soy based pork soup. I also changed the noodle to wavy instead of regular straight one. What made me love this Red ramen so much is the Dried Shrimp powder that adds nicely to the soup. I also pick the extreme hot level, but it wasn't extreme at all for me.. hehe..

Manpuku Red $13.90

Overall, Manpuku is a good place to fix your ramen craving in Kingsford area. The pork belly wasn't the best but it wasn't bad either.. Have it a go when u're in the area especially in a cold day like today!^^

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