Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mylan, Wollongong

Mylan received the highest voting rate in Urbanspoon for Wollonggong restaurant of 94% and so I was so curious to try this place out. Fortunately after bebski's Ielts test, we got the chance to have lunch here before going back to Sydney. The interior is nothing fancy, a simple and clean looking place. We were seated immediately and the lunch menu were given to us.

To start with, we got the Vietnamese Iced Coffee, a bitter coffee with sweetened condensed milk at the bottom. A perfect refreshment for a hot day and the drink itself has the perfect sweetness level :)

Vietnamese Ice Coffee $4.50
I can never missed out on ordering Vietnamese Spring roll! My favourite spring roll so far is in Flemington. But this Spring roll sits at the same level as the one in Flemington! The taste is exactly like Ms.N's mom used to make ~~ Really miss her spring roll. The fillings are perfectly seasoned, so tasty! The let down maybe is the Nuoc Cham sauce which taste quite watery :)

Vietnamese Spring Roll $7
 Bebski ordered the Wet Thick rice noodle with Beef or in Indo we called it 'Kwetiau Sapi Siram', the thick gravy needs a bit more seasoning in my opinion and but it's quite tasty for a dish. I just need to add chopped chilli and soy sauce and within minutes, it'll be gone ;p

Wet thick rice noodle with beef $12
 I read a lot of reviews about Mylan and the recommended dish to try is their Satay! So I got the Combination Satay which includes fish balls, fish cakes, beef and chicken. Stir fry with red capsicum, onion, and carrot with the famous satay sauce. I agreeee that the satay sauce was sooo delish! I am not a satay sauce person but yet in my 2 days trip to the Gong, I have eaten 2 satay sauce dishes ;p

Combiantion Satay with Rice $13
Next time I visit this place, I will order the Vermicelli salad, it seems popular as almost every table ordered it! I also recommend to come here for lunch instead of dinner cause the foods can be quite pricey during dinner :) And yes, do try the satay here ^^

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  1. Dear Shirley,

    The spring rolls looks quite crispy though I think you've got an extra 'g' in "Wollongong".


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