Friday, October 3, 2014

Chef Gallery, Sydney

Wow.. its been awhile now since my last post! Last Saturday night Bebski went out with his colleagues so I decided to go out with my fellow friends as well. We dined in at Chef Gallery. To my amazement, the waiting time was still quite long. Mr.W and I arrived at 6:30pm and we had to wait for 30mins before we were seated. Luckily Mr.V and his gf arrived at 7pm so we can sit and start ordering :) 

As hungry as we all are, we ordered 6 dishes and also the Cute piggy buns for dessert :) To start with we had the Classic San Choy Bao with mince Peking Duck and Hoisin sauce served with lettuce parcel, sliced cucumber and alfalfa sprouts. The mince was tasty and I love how all of the elements complement each other really well. San Choy Bao is always a perfect entrée to start a Chinese meal ^^

San Choy Bao $18.90 (serves 4)
Next to come is the famous Handmade Spinach and Egg tofu which is lightly fried and topped with preserved vegetables. I've been to this place twice now and I'd always ordered the tofu. It was very smooth and silky yet it has a nice outer layer crunch and the sauce at the bottom is a perfect companion to the tofu.

Spinach and Egg Tofu $15.90
Drumm roll pleaseeee as here is my new favourites in Chef Gallery, the Chinese Roti! Freshly prepared fluffy Roti filled with Shredded Peking duck, cucumber, hoisin sauce and Spring Onion T.T I had to pick the onions out ;p My friend at work was shock that I don't eat spring onion or any other onions, he said as a food blogger I had to eat everything -.-

Chinese Roti $16.90
Why fried rice? Cause we can't live without rice, especially dinner time! We ordered the Three Egg Fried Rice with Chicken egg, salted duck egg and Century egg. The Fried rice was very fragrant and tasty, it's just that I can't seem to find the salted duck egg or the century egg ;p And again, I couldn't really enjoy the dish cause there's a lot pf spring onions in it .... But it was tastyyy!!

Three eggs Fried Rice $15.90
Some of you may have wondered what is the dish below because it is not on the menu? Well, actually there is. It is the Crispy Pork Belly and Barramundi kind of salad but we made a special enquiry to replace the barramundi with just Pork Belly and fortunately we can! The Pork Belly was caramelised and was so tender and fatty, it is served with a bed of lettuce, basil and shredded carrot and drizzled with Gula Melaka flavoured with Cinnamon and mandarin peel.

Crispy Pork Belly Salad $29.90
Last dish before the dessert is Handmade thick noodle wok fried in premium soy sauce with shredded roast duck, shitake mushrooms, finely diced chiense brocolli topped with omelette. Another yummy dish from chef gallery! The noodle was perfectly cook with the right chewiness of it, The duck was generous in portion and the shitake mushrooms really add a punch of flavour to the whole dish. Unfortunately I just found out recently that Mr.W didn't really like mushroom so he can't fully enjoy the dish ;p
Shredded duck handmade thick noodle $17.90
Now that I think about it,  we ordered a lot of duck based dishes ;p hehehe..
Finally,, the moment I've been waiting for.... Mr & Mrs Piggy Buns!! They are not just cute but they taste awesomee! The buns were soft and fluffy, it is filled with black sesame runny paste and has a strong sesame flavour in it - which I love! The other good thing about the buns is that it's not overly sweet :)

Piggy Buns 2pcs for $8.90

The buns concludes our amazing dinner in Chef Gallery. The foods are on the pricey side and wouldn't be a place that I would visit regularly but they definitely know how to serve delicious foods and there are still a lot of things that I want to try!!

Good food and good company.. Really couldn't ask for a better Saturday night out :)


Noodle soup with Wagyu beef steak

The dessert below may look cute but that's it ;p I thought it's just a plain marshmallow coated with coconut, nothing really special about it, I'd say go with the Piggy Buns!!
Marshmallow "totoro" coated with dessciated coconut 3pcs $6.90

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  1. I LOLs everytime people say food blogger should eat everything; I don't even like avocado! Haha. The caramelized pork belly looks beyond amazing!

  2. Looks amazing, can't wait to try the handmade noodles and the wagyu soup looks absolutely scrumptious!



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