Sunday, October 5, 2014

Indo Rasa, Kingsford

Another Indonesian food post in Kingsford :) This is probably the last two that I haven't blog about besides Sedap rasa.. What I love from Indo Rasa's food is their flavour authenticity. I must admit that Indo Rasa got the highest authenticity rank amongst the rest (in Kingsford area). The place is always crowded but the waiting time won't be too long.. Haven't been here for a long time now but last Monday Bebski suggested to eat here with Mr.A and Mr.US and so we went.

I was starving that day, skipping lunch and so I did ate quite a lot at night ;p
We decided to order a main for each one of us and shared another dishes in the middle. I ordered the Nasi Kuning Komplit (Tumeric Rice) which comes with Fried chicken, Empal (Fried Beef tenderloin seasoned with sweet soy sauce), boiled egg, diced potatoes and beans. The tumeric rice was so fragrant that I can even eat the rice alone! I was so happy with my meal and not to mention the spiciness from the sambal on top of the cucumber slices :)

Nasi Kuning Komplit $12
Bebski ordered Nasi Komplit Indo Rasa which comes with Fried Chicken, Fried tofu, Fried tempeh, Crispy fish slices and a bowl of Sayur Asem (Indonesian sour soup). This is also a dish I regularly order but for the sake of photos for my post, I ordered the tumeric rice for a variation ;p

Nasi Komplit Indo Rasa $12.50
Bebski and Mr.A decided to share this dish called Buntut Bakar or Grill Ox tail. I didn't try the dish but Bebski told me the flavour is just so so. It's not as tasty as the one in Indo ;p

Buntut Bakar $9
Another shared dish but this time is between me and Mr.A, Tahu telor - Fried egg and tofu topped with peanut sauce, shallot and cucumber pieces. The english description to this dish doesn't sounds tempting but the I highly recommend this dish!

Tahu Telor $10
 Mr.US on the other hand came with a tummy half full from all those fried foods he had at work ;p So he ordered Fried Vermicelli only :)

Fried Vermicelli $9
 Last dish is Cumi Bakar - Grilled squid. For me it was just an average dish, the squid was a bit chewy, the marinate lack that flavour punch but the chilli on the other hand never fails to impress me ! :)
Cumi Bakar $14/16
Another thing that I usually order is the Satay chicken which unfortunately I don't have any pic of it but it definitely worth a try!
So when you're in kingsford area and got confused which Indo restaurant to visit first, I'd say Indo Rasa! :)

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