Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Phamish, Darlinghurst

Tuesday night dinner with friends in Phamish .. :) Never heard of the place before, but Ms.S said she wanted to try it out before she's going back for good.. So we went with 5 otherr friends.. Even on a tuesday night the place was sooo crowded with people. The place itself is quite unique, it has an outdoor tent set up ;p

We were seated just nicely near the entrance. It was a bit windy that night, now that I remembered, it was the night when Sydney got hit by a massive thunderstorm and we have to run back to the city to reach our car :(

That aside, because there were a lot of us dining, we can order heaps of foods, making me and Ms.S so happy! To start with, we got the Phamish roll. It usually come 4 pcs but they can suit the portion for all of us.. Spring roll was fresh and a very good appetizer! The dipping sauce complemented the spring roll really well. Really can't get enough of the dipping sauce!

Phamish Roll 6pcs $18
The second entrée to come was the Crab Dumpling. We got told that that was the last 4pcs they have in store! Lucky we get to try it out! This time, there wasn't a need to dip it in the sauce. The crab filling was generous and I'm loving the mushroom inside as well :)

Crab Dumpling 4pcs $12
The first main to come was the Beef Ragu, the soup was warming and it was soo rich! It reminded me of Rawon (beef black soup) back in indo. The beef was tender and juicy, I would highly recommend this dish! The down side for me is jsut the raw bean sprout.. Not a fan hehe.

Beef Ragu $18.50
An up close look at the juicy beef :)

Another must order dish if you visit Phamish! The Sesame Lamb, the lamb was thinly sliced and very well seasoned, the sauce was tangy and flavoursome at the same time, with the fresh cucumber and capsicum, making the dish a protein-fibre meal :)

Sesame Lamb $20.50
To accompany all the dishes, we tried the Coconut fried rice. A lot of diced veggies inside too making Mr.S unable to enjoy it as much as the rest of us do cause he didn't eat any kind of veggie ;p Poor him, but that means more for us! For me it was just like any other fried rice topped with shredded coconut :) The rest of the dishes are highly spiced so I would suggest to get plain rice instead ^^

Coconut Fried rice $18
The winner dish of the night, The Crispy Soft Shell Crab was the favourite among my friends. It was gone in minutes! No need to describe any further about how awesome this crispy soft shell crab was! just go and try it :)

Soft Shell Crab $21
Next is the Lemongrass chicken, it tasted almost like Thai chicken stir fry.. The lemongrass was strong for me and the dish wasn't my favourite.. But my friends like it :)

Lemongrass chicken $18.50
The last dish to come is the Crispy pork belly with chinese broccoli, ginger and garlic. Another dish that has a similarity to Thai's  Kana moo krob.. Flavour wise, thai kana moo krob is so much better. the dish is pretty dry for me and I thought the amount of pork belly would be much more than the greens ;p
The name of the dish should be Chinese brocolli with pork, not the other way around hehe ;p

Crispy pork belly $19,50

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the taste of the foods. It's a good place to try and make sure you do come with a group of people so you can try a lot of dishes! Do get the beef ragu, sesame lamb and soft shell crab, you won't regret it : Service is pretty much self-serve, you order and pay at the counter.

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