Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rivareno, Darlinghurst (Mini Post)

After our meal in Danjee, we decided to try out this new Gelato place in Darlinghurst. We walked from George st up to Crown st to digest all the foods we had eaten..
The place is generally new and it has a couple of sofas in the middle of the space and also a line of table bar near the window.

The queue was quite long and it may take some time for you to be serve because they are still trying to introduce a lot of flavours to customers and some of their gelato offerings are hard to predict on the taste like for example the 'Morena' or 'Contessa', so we struggle a bit in reading the description at the bottom of the name while tasting some samples too ;p

I ended up ordering 2 scoops of the Amarenata Croccante - Whole Amareno Cherries, crushed amaretti and hazelnut crumb & Ricotta E fichi - Sheep's milk Ricotta with caramelised figs
I don't like the Amarenatha, it tasted like the cherry cough syrup mom used to give me when I was a kid T.T But the Ricotta E fichi was divine! Smooth gelato, not too sweet and yet the flavour delivers!

Mr.P got the New york New york - Organic Canadian maple syrup and pecan. Another yummy combo of flavours in a scoop. Highly recommended!

A short trip to Rivareno, but I'll definitely be back with Bebski to try out other flavours! :)

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