Thursday, October 16, 2014

His Boy Elroy, Wollongong

Another trip to the Gong but this time is an overnight stay for Bebski's Ielts attempt :) Went last Friday morning and arrive around noon, starving! But worry not, I am prepared when Bebski asked where should we eat?!

I dig up a couple of restaurants and cafes, and 'His Boy Elroy' came up in Urbanspoon. I looked through their website and the menu drools me away so I decided to have our lunch there. The place was packed with people, even some tables were already being reserved!

His Boy Elroy is located in a small lane and their dining concept is a mixture of cafe / restaurant / pub /bar. The foods that they serve here ranging from South American cuisine, Asian inspired dishes and other American favourites.

Next to the ordering counter is the self-serve lemon infused water.

I got myself a bottle of Apple cider and Bebski got his Chocolate milkshake :p

The lightning of the place itself is pretty bad so pardon my pictures ;p First to come is the Sweet Potato Fries with special sauce. The sauce is definitely SPecial! It was creamy and almost tasted like a fusion of garlic aioli and tartar sauce :) Chips was crisp and the portion was generous too.

Sweet Potato Fried $10
Then the Hot wings arrived! It was smothered in Frank sauce and served with Ranch sauce. The special sauce from the sweet potato fries was too flavourful that the ranch sauce tasted really bland ;p The wings were deep fried perfectly and the sauce was hot! There wasn't any need to dip it in the ranch sauce any more... ;p As usual, my favourite dish definitely is not bebski's, so I ended up finishing the whole plate by myself, no complain :)

Hot wings $6
 For the main we ordered the Mr.Saigon - Fried chicken, Slaw, Nasi pear and Nuoc Cham mayo. The fried chicken was unquestionably delish! With the crunch from the slaw and a hint of sweetness from the Nashi pear. But the unfortunate thing is that there wasn't enough sauce :( I can't really taste the nuoc cham mayoo T.T

With any burger here, you can upgrade it to a combo of chips and wings for an additional $6! Bargain :)

Mr.Saigon $13
The second main is the Peanut and Kaffir Chicken satay which was served with both rice and roti. Bebski loved it and this time I agreed! It was soooooo yummy! The sauce was not too rich but has enough nutty punch with the fragrant coriander and and crushed nuts on top, it's a perfect dish to be eaten with rice and the chewy roti! The sauce to me is like a fusion of chinese satay sauce and thai curry sauce :) Highly Recommended!

We had a big feast and no more rooms for dessert, I know right, me, rejecting anymore dessert.. That's how full we were.... But overall the place was very nice to hang out with friends have some nibbles and beers. Will definitely be back here when I visited the Gong next time ^^

His Boy Elroy on Urbanspoon

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