Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fuku, Wollongong

After a hearty lunch in His Boy Elroy, Bebski and I thought we were just gonna have a simple take away dinner and sleep in early for his test tomorrow morning. On our way back to the hotel, we passed this Japanese restaurant called Fuku and looking at the menu in the front door we thought we could get like a curry rice on something to go..

But when we got into the place and seated, we were quite surprised to learn that they serve Chinese foods too and most of their speciality is from the chinese foods menu ;p So scrap Jap food and we went straight to chinese! hehe

We got the Pork belly hotpot in Ginger sauce. Yes you heard me, we weren't that hungry but pork belly never missed out eyes! It came in a big portion and very generous in the amount of pork as well! The pork belly was thinly slices and cut into small pieces and the sauce was warming, so good for the windy day in the Gong, and the ginger note was a tad strong for me. But it was a tasty dish!

Pork Belly Hotpot in Ginger Sauce $13
Second main that we ordered was the Deep fried spicy fish fillet. I had a bit of a time google-ing the restaurant before ordering and this dish came up to be one of the popular dish and it turned out to be my favourite!! The fish was deep fried with a light sweet batter, then dry fried with coriander, Szechuan peppercorn and dried chilli. I did enjoy the dish very much, I love fish fillet and I love coriander and I love spicy!! Highly recommended...

Deep Fried Spicy Fish Fillet $19
This small place really know how to please the crowd! I highly recommend this place to everyone visiting the Gong! I also just found out that their other popular dish is the Pork in peking sauce. Will definitely be back with more friends and order more foods here!

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