Sunday, November 30, 2014

John Smith Cafe, Waterloo

Another very late post of mine, just before Mr.V and Ms.S went back for good to indo, we decided to visit John Smith for our last brunch together in Sydney .. Arrived there are 12 noon on Sunday and we were told to wait for table. The place wasn't very big but they surely know how to entertain the customer while waiting for table :) They distribute their amazing choice fudge brownies for us..

At the end of the restaurant is where they made their coffee .. They also have a bar table viewing outside

And a display of their pastries, ranging from cronuts to croissant and their yummy brownies :) Such a tempting look even before we order the mains.. Drools!

At the back of the area, there is Coffee Wheel diagram with descriptors for coffee, reminiscing me with my previous job as flavour technologist T.T

Ok, lets move on to the edible parts :) I ordered the Watermelon, apple and mint juice. It was so refreshing and perfect for a hot day. I highly recommend this juice, great combo and even bebski loved it.

Watermelon, apple and mint juice $7
 Mr.V ordered the Vegetarian option with smoked salmon as the sides. Poached eggs, Zuchchini, sweet potato roti with peperonata salsa verde and roasted corn. It got like a middle eastern spices in the rosti which was not to Mr.V's liking.. Another unfortunate thing is that his egg was overcooked. So not eggporn pic from the dish ;p

Vego Brekkie $16 + $4 Salmon side
And the dish that all of us have been waiting for.. The Eggs Benedict with braised pulled pork!! Undoubtedly hands down the best breakfast combo you can imagined! Tender and juicy pork with oozing egg, covered with generous serving of creamy and smooth hollandaise sauce serve on a toasted sourdough bread. Highlight recommended!!

And for me, always every time I read chorizo in the menu, I will always fall for it.. I got myself the Portuguese chorizo, pork, beans, poached eggs with bread. The beans, pork and chorizo were cooked in tomato based sauce, almost like a mexican-mediterranean dish, with the perfectly poached egg, it was a great dish for me. It just need a bit more salt ;p

Portugese Chorizo $16
Egg pornnn ~~ !!

And a meal wouldn't be perfect without dessert, especially if the dessert is cornets! We got all of the cronuts variants they have, from the glazy, the jam filled cronut and also the chocnut cronuts. My favourite should be the chocnut ones.

Chocnut $5.50, the rest is $4.50
Not to forget the brownies too. Thanks for their sample brownies, Mr.V and Bebski would love to have more of it, so we ordered another big slice to be shared.

Brownies $4

That concludes our brunch madness in John Smith Cafe, we went out with happy faces and full tummy. The service was great, all the staffs are very friendly and would love to come back for the pulled pork and watermelon juice!

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  1. So much eggy goodness! And nice touch with the complimentary brownies too.

  2. Was just here recently, the eggs bene are amazing!


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