Friday, August 12, 2016

Cuckoo Callay, Newtown

My second visit to Cuckoo Callay to try out their new menu ! :)
I loveeee Croissant and looking at my Instagram feed with this amazing Croissant filled with all the goodness lure me directly back to Newtown.

Went with a couple of foodies and here are what we chow down ^^
First is definitely the Bacon MacDaddy - I was expecting the croissant to be flaky and crisp but apparently probably because of the filling it wasn't as i expected. But the combination of elements work perfectly well. Bacon Mac n cheese, Bacon Jam, Double smoked bacon, and poached egg, whats not to like!!

The Sideways shuffle - Its either you like it or not. It's a Blue Swimmer Crab cakes with corn and avocado salsa, watermelon, Poached egg, The other foodies loved it except me ;P

We also got the RESPECT Burger. Unfortunately my photo doesn't do this delish burger any justice haha! Popcorn Chicken burger with Double smoked Bacon, Gruyere cheese and sauerkraut on Brioche ~~

My fave dish of the day! Even though it didn't look as pretty as the other dishes and even though im not a fan of truffle. but this dish caught my hearttttt :)
No wonder it is called 'Magic Mushroom', its instantaneously made me happyy hihihi..
Wild mushrooms on Sourdough, truffled goat cream, spinach, roasted russ tomatoes, smoked almonds and a crumbed egg. Noms!

A very simple yet scrumptious dessert to end the meal. Nothing can go wrong with Triple Chocolate gooey brownies with A dollop of cream and Vanilla ice cream with crumbed nuts and biscuit. I'd give this dish 11/10!! lovee love love.

One of the picture-worthy dish Cuckoo is their Lost Cookie of Pompeii - Chocolate lava cookie, peanut butter mascarpone, banana, chocolate covered popping candy and creme anglaise. I was expecting alot from the dessert, but the lava cookie was quite a hassle to eat and i think the peanut butter mascarpone is too sweet to my liking ~~

Overall I am impressed yet again by the foods here, no wonder the queue are out of this worldddd ;P As long as it worth it rightt tee hee.

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