Sunday, August 21, 2016

Henley Wholefoods, Alexandria

One fine Thursday, spending my day off with a lotttt of eating with my friend Mr.W, my sister and her bf Mr.S :) Went for a healthy breakkie at Henley wholefoods in Alexandria. They have numerous location such as Bondi and Double Bay. 

I just realized that their location in Alexandria is where Love Grub used to be. Can't believe that place is gone T.T *sad*

Anyway.. Lets get into the foods!
I ordered the Coconut Smoothie - Whole Coconut, cacao, Coyo & Banana. A great combo but in my opinion, the cacao was too much that it overpowers the drink and there were heaps of coconut husk blended in, so it's kinda hard to drink ;P

Waffle-n'. That's what this dish is called in the menu. Sweet potato and Buckwheat waffles, Coconut Candied Bacon, Vanilla bean Coyo, Banana, walnut, blueberries and Maple. It's not something that you'll love it on the first bite, U'll grow into it. Well atleast I did hehe.. :) 

The second dish is the Quinoa Goreng, recommended by the waitress saying that this is the popular dish there. So we tried. It tasted like Indonesian Fried rice but here they used quinoa. I kinda like it bu the only comment I can make is the quinoa was still a bit wet so it's quite mushy overall which need some crisp on it, Luckily they got crunchy cucumber, so that helps ;P

My favourite out of all - Braised Lamb Shoulder, orange gremolata, honey roasted carrots on Moroccan millet with dried apricots, sultanas and Coriander. Mr.W thought the combination was kinda weird, but I love itttt hehe :) Perfectly cooked lamb on delish millets and dried fruits.

We also tried the Salad plate which consist of all three salads offered on the menu.
- Squashed, quinoa, black olives, fresh orange, basil with pepitas and honey dressing
- Cabbage, fennel, red onions, dill, dijon mayo & roaster almonds
- Roast cauliflower, chickpeas, red onion, mint, babba ganoush & chia Dressing.

I definitely like the cauliflower and the squashed.
It's just that when you've been to Bread and Circus, your salad plate bar is up that high, it's hard to be impressed by the others I've tried so far haha!

Overall, it's not that bad. Good service and nice place to chill. Worth a try. why not :)

Henley's Wholefoods Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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