Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cafe Jack's, Kensington

So I found this Voucher deal -again-, yes, I'm one of those cheap-eat-finder, guilty as charged ;p The voucher deal is from Cafe Jack's in Kensington. I always drove passed this place several times but the place doesn't look that much appealing to me until recently my sister told me that they actually moved to the building across it with new and modern settings.

The deal includes 1 meal and also 1 coffee/soft drinks.. After purchasing the voucher, I immediately called the place to get a booking for Saturday lunch. The staff didn't even ask what time I would like to come so I assumed the place won't be that crowded.
So I arrived last Saturday at 12PM just before my trial in South Dowling Sandwich to grab a quick bite.

As I walked in, I can see there were a lot of patrons eating their breakfast on this huge plate! What they said about this place is right, they served a really really generous portion of foods! I'm salivating, couldn't wait to get seated and order!

We were given this menu for the deal and Unfortunately there was no such big breakfast or egg's benedict on it. So we just have to stick with that menu :)
I ordered the Deep fried Calamari which was served on a bed of chips and Greek Salad. usually I'm not a fan of Greek Salad but because I was so starving that afternoon that I gobbled it down anyway ;p The calamari is again generous in portion, well crumbed and fried.

Bebski got the 'Kensington Road' Melt which consist of Roast Beef, Roast Capsicum, Sundried Tomatoes and Cheese topped on a large thick toast. Also served with chips :) The toast is crunchy on the edge and soft and chewy in the middle. The roast beef has a nice beef flavour and complemented very well by the cheese and the roasted aroma from the veggies.

For the drink, as usual, I got Mocha and Bebski got his Flat white with hazelnut Syrup. Both of the coffee were milky and did not have enough roasted coffee aroma that we're looking for. But oh well, it was still acceptable :)

Flat White

Overall, we were impressed by the food that they serve, clean and straight forward with huge portion. Not the best coffee but hey, you can always get smoothie or just water! :)
Will definitely be back for the humongous breakfast menu!!

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  1. Dont worry, I love deals too and looks like you go yourself a yummy one!

    1. Yes Indeed,They are delicious ^^ U shud check the place out :)


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