Monday, June 23, 2014

Sedap Malaysian Restaurant, Eastgarden (Pagewood)

Last Friday night Bebski & I went to eat out in Eastgarden. It was an unplanned dinner, as usual, we were too lazy to eat at home on a Friday. So we thought of trying out Sedap as we have been wanting to try their foods since weeks ago.

It was a pretty quite when we arrived at 6PM. Unfortunately they still did't accept Eftpos and so don't forget to bring your cash peeps! 
You order at the counter and pay, then take your seat and the food will be delivered to you..

I was tempted by the 'Crispy Chicken Skin' on the menu but they said they don't have it that night... SAd T.T
After waiting for 5mins, Our Char kuey teow arrived.
It tasted different from the other Malaysian Restaurant. This doesn't really have that smoky aroma. To me, it tasted like Indonesian Fried Kuey Teow more than Authentic malaysian ;p That is one of the reason why Bebski loved it so much cause he used to the taste back home.
Penang char kuey teow $12
It wasn't bad at all. It was pleasant and the portion was generous as well with a number of fishcakes, chinese sausage and also fresh crunchy prawns :P In addition, they also served it with the shrimp paste chilli sauce that took the dish to another whole level!
Not long after that, the fish ball sticks arrived. I ordered 2 of them. It has been deep fried to perfection, the fish balls were really good and chewy. They served the fish balls on a bed of shredded lettuce. A sweet chilli sauce would be a good sides for the dish though ^^

Fish Ball Sticks $1.50ea
Not bothering for the second main dish, we chow down the kuey teow and fish balls in 20mins as we are going to watch movie at 7PM. After most of the foods on the plate are gone, we just realized that the noodle dish that we ordered hasn't come out. We asked the waitress for it and apparently they forgot about that order and apologized. 
I don't mean to be rude.. It's just that, we were so in a hurry and also that the place got only 2 other customers :( And after reading tips in Foursquare, I am not the first one to complaint ;p
After another 12mins waiting, The Kon Loo mee came out. It was a thin egg noodle covered in soy sauce and topped with char siew and also served with fried dumplings (The pic on the menu showed boiled dumplings though).

Sedap Kon Lo Mee $14
The fried dumplings were dry and hard. The char siew has a nice marinated sauce covering it but some of them are burnt and so bitter. But the char siew works well with the noodle. The noodle is chewy and I think the sauce needs to have more flavour. So it was an okay dish for me.

Overall, The foods are okay not great. Front service is good but the management in the Kitchen can be improved to prevent further complaints.

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