Friday, June 6, 2014

Garden Buffet - The Star, Pyrmont

Last Sunday was a wet one. I can't take my mom around the city as she hates the rain and it is troublesome to sightseeing in that weather. So I decided to take her to have lunch in The Star - Garden Buffet. I didn't expect the place to be so full on a Sunday. Apparently there were a couple of birthday celebrations happening, no wonder the place was pact of people.

Garden Buffet is one of my favourite buffet places in Sydney. Even though it is pricey, but paying a visit occasionally wouldn't hurt :) Garden Buffet serves a variety of different cuisines. Some dishes are fixed such as the Chinese and Italian cuisine as well the Roast meat and the other varies depending on the day. Sometimes they have Morrocon dishes, Indian Dishes and many others I couldn't think of. 

This time when I visited, they have chicken porridge and also Tom yum Noodle soup :) And most importantly, they serve fresh prawns everyday. Sometimes I come here just because I am craving for their prawns, eaten with the creamy seafood sauce.. :) 
The dessert here also varies to keep the place exciting. Lucky for us, that day, they have the chocolate fondue set up.. My sister was beaming with happiness to see the fondue and can't hardly wait to gulp it with marshmallow!

Round no1, I got a bit of everything, to start with is the fresh prawns with seafood salad and marinated mussels in tomato sauce. The I moved on to the Chinese dishes, I got the soy mussels which is uhmazing! fried noodles, Hainanese Chicken and Fried Tofu Crab..
Next is steamed fish fillet with cauliflower cooked in cumin and pine nuts which is another stand out dish, also slowcooked beef which is alright. Last but not least at the bottom right of the pic is from the Italian side, I got the fungi pizza, tried a bit of the pumpkin ravioli with Carbonara sauce and spagbol, can never resist spagbol!

To nearly end my meals, I got some salad. yeah I know, salad should be starter ;P But hey, there's nothing wrong with that ^^ Also tried a bit of the chicken tangine with wild oriental rice, Lamb tandoori which is yuummmmoooo and Osso Bucco (not my fav)... The soup of the day is potato and cauliflower soup but unfortunately, they are heavy handed with the onions that the whole soup got overpowered. 

This is what the Tomyum Noodle soup looks like. The soup is pretty mild and herby, served with rice noodle, beansprouts and a couple of fish ball. And below is the chicken porridge. Didn't taste the porridge just stole it from my sis for the pic :p

And the dessert, I got the pistachio slice cake which I don't have a pic of it. But above is what Bebski got.. Strawberry panna cotta, passionfruit parfait, mango pudding which is delicious and fruity!

Yes the Gondos really know how to eat. We collect the food on our table and then we start diggin' :) And yes, I do need to work out hard to burn those calories off ;p

Always have a good time dining in Garden Buffet despite the crowd and sometimes the queue. The food is well presented, and when you're lucky, you can taste their amazing lamb cutlet which unfortunately I've only came across it once. The staff is attentive despite how crowd the place get. They always take your empty plates the minute you stand up from your seat to get the next one ^^

Until another time buffet ~~
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