Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stix Dessert, Surry Hills

Last Saturday I was trialing as a sandwich hand in South Dowling Sandwich and it didn't go well. Can't explain in details here but it was a semi-terrying-but-interesting experienced that I got. So I thought what better than ice cream to flush the sorrow away,,,

So I went to this Stix Dessert place in Surry hills with Bebski. I have seen a couple of food bloggers posting photos of the gelato sticks which is new to me as usual gelato is serve in cups or cones. Their concept is similar to the pop-up Magnum store in Pitt st mall. 

How to Order:
1. Choose your Gelato flavour sticks
2. Choose your Dip (Milk, White and dark Chocolate, also coffee?)
3. Topped with topping of your choice from Oreo, Crushed Nuts, Milo, Colourful Sprinkles and others

The shop itself is pretty plain in decoration being new. But I do have a feeling that they're gonna be the talk of the town soon enough with a variety of Gelato flavours offered. It also change daily! So you'll always be surprised of what's in store.

The shop being small, only provides seating area for a max of 10 people maybe. But that doesn't stop people from coming and going getting this treats!

I got the Grapefruit sorbet with Milk chocolate dip and colourful sprinkle and milo. Yup, It's not a good combo for a sorbet :( I wish they have more dips and toppings to suit fruity sorbet soon ^^

While Bebski got the panna cotta with white chocolate dip and chocolate sprinkles which is a perfect combos! The gelato is smooth and not too sweet, allowing the chocolate drizzle to topped the sweetness :)

There were only 2 people working at that time and I honestly pity them as the place gets really busy when I left and I saw her having a hard time coping with orders ;p
I will definitely be back to try their other gelato flavours and I hope they add more toppings!^^

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  1. aw sorry your trial didnt go well, south dowling sandwiches is pretty crazy im always amazed at how fast they make my food! love stix, the salted caramel is my fave so far!

    1. yeah, they are fast! I can keep up but the workers are not that friendly :(
      I'll try the salted caramel next time, Thanks for the tips ^^

  2. i loved the magnum pop-up! this is such a great idea, must go for a wander and check it out during my lunch break :)

    1. Soo nice that u work around the city area? i wishhhh.... T.T


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