Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ko & Co Soju Bar, Surryhills

When Korean and Mexican decided to collaborate their food, this place happened! Ko & Co is a newly opened fusion restaurant in Surry Hills area towards the city area where the place is quite hidden and a small shop which is perfect for private function in my opinion!

I went on a Saturday with Bebski and Mr.P. There were only 2 tables occupied that time probably because it was still early for dinner. We were greeted by 2 men behind the bar which is a Korean and a Mexican :)
I really wanted to try their cocktails and Fruit Soju but unfortunately I need to drive home so maybe next time.

The place itself consist of a few bar tables and 3-4 short tables, a pretty simple decor and an appealing paintings that caught my attention.

I've checked the menu a couple of times and so I am pretty much set on what to order. This mixed corn chips is served as complimentary snack from the restaurant :) It's a nice thing to nibble while waiting for the foods to arrive

In Ko & Co, the Mexican foods comes in the Burritos, Tacos and Quesadilla, while the Korean side comes in their fillings. They have 3 types of filling; Korean marinated beef (Bulgogi), Spicy Pork belly and Korean Fried Chicken.

The foods are very well priced with ~$10 on average each meal. So we decided to taste a bit of everything they got :)
First is the burrito which comes in a wrap. For the burritos, we chose bulgogi filling. It was alright but wasn't great. I wish the rice has more flavour and the filling to be more generous..

Beef Burritos $10
The Sliders, however, was really delicious! I particularly love the spicy pork belly filling. It's juicy and marinated really well. The buns is soft and shiny, looks so appetizing! The crunchy cabbage salad complements everything perfectly.
Sliders (Comes in 2 pieces) $10
The dish of the night is the Korean Fried Chicken! It does not taste like the usual KFC that you got from Korean restaurant. It is more to Chicken karage side of the taste. The chicken is deep fried to crispy golden perfection with the meat still juicy and tender. Yes, if u guess, they used thigh meat instead of breast the provides extra juiciness to the chicken :) It is served with house kimchi mayo that is sooo creamy!  
I highly recommend this and very good value for money.          

KFC $14
The tacos, we ordered beef ad spicy pork belly same as the sliders. I'm not a fan of their tacos. It is quite dark in their so I can't really distinct what is the filling in it but I can taste brown rice in their and definitely the crunchy texture from the cabbage salad underneath :)

Spicy Pork Belly taco $6

Beef taco $6
Kimchi and cheese Quesadilla. Sounds weird to me as well at first but surprisingly, they go really well with each other. One advise from me, Eat it while its still hot before the wrap goes hard and the cheese goes chewy :)

Kimchi & Cheese Quesadilla $10

That is the end of our feast in Ko & Co. I could recommend this place to everyone for their good food and atmosphere. My other advise is to go with more people so you can taste a bit of everything.
My next visit, I will definitely try their cocktails and fruit soju!!

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    1. I can literally finish the whole basket myself, its soooooo juicy and yummy!!

  2. interesting... korean and mexican food... that kfc looks yum

    1. Yess.. it definitely is. U shud check this place out and take a better pic of the kfc hehehe :)


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