Friday, June 27, 2014

Two Good Eggs (II), Surry Hills

Its Friday! The day that all of us have been waiting for :) It will also marked my last Friday working as application technologist. sadd T.T Oh well, new journey ahead, needs to held my head up high!

So to celebrate this day, I will present you my second visit to Two Good Eggs in Surry Hills! The main reason that I came to this place was because I wanted to try their Special Pork Belly dish which unfortunately I couldn't get hold off in my first visit. So I followed their facebook page in hoping that the pork belly special come up again and it did!

Went back to Two Good Eggs last Sunday and I arrived at 12PM, the place was swarming with people but the good thing was we got the last table available, yay for us! Without further ado, I asked for their Roast Pork Belly Special!

The dish came with 3 thick slices of roasted salty crispy pork belly, topped with perfectly poached eggs and caramelized onion, served with sourdough breads and drizzled with the vinaigrette around the plate. It's like all my favourite foods in one dish! well except the caramelized onion. I ate it, but as usual, onion can never be my friend ;p                                I can only say Pork + Eggs = Porfeggs! ;p

Roast Pork Belly $18.90
For the drink this time I got their Punjabi Chai latte. It is not like any other chai latte, they serve it in a pot full of herbs which provides a depth of herby, cinnamony flavour to the drink! I love it!! And u can yields more than 2 cups for the price!

Chai Latte $4.50
I really wish I can order their other special on the day which is the chicken and CHORIZO risotto! But unfortunately, Bebski is not a fan of risotto and instead he went for the Reuben sandwich in hoping that it will be as good as Reuben Hills's
The sandwich consists of Wagyu corned beef, sauerkraut, pickles, swiss cheese and mustard with an option to add the Hungarian Potato Salad for $4 extra, but I can safely say that U have to pay that $4 cause its worth every single cents! The salad is creamy and has a nice overall flavour, I always loooove potato salad!

The sandwich however, is not up to my expectation. The sauerkraut and the pickles are too overpowering with the combination of swiss cheese, its just salty and sourness in one sandwich that the corned beef is not the star of the sandwich anymore. Bebski also ordered a side of the smoked salmon for $4.50 which is a bargain considering the amount that we got!

Reuben sandwich $18.90
Good Job Two Good Eggs, you impressed me again ~~ I was full from the lunch that I didn't have my dinner that day.. The portion is generous and the service is very well.
The Risotto special will be my next reason to come back.. Yea, u heard me Bebski, we will be back ^^

Two Good Eggs

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