Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jasmine Thai - Menulog Review, Maroubra

Is Menulog familiar to all of you? It is to me :) Everytime I am searching for menu from a restaurant, this site always pops on in my google search. I came to know that Menulog is an Australian Online site that offers Home Delivery and Takeaway food from 3500+ Restaurants all over Sydney!

About a week ago, I received an email voucher to try out Menulog for their Home Delivery service, it is such a great opportunity for me to have meals delivered to my house. I must say, this is the first time since I arrived in Sydney that I got my meals delivered, believe it or not, cause I usually cook my meal or I went out to the restaurant to eat.

So I was browsing several varieties of restaurant that can deliver to my suburb. The hardest part of the service is to choose which cuisine to get! After careful searching and thinking, I picked this Restaurant called Jasmine Thai. It has great review and the price of the foods are quite cheap^^

So I ordered two entrees and two mains to be delivered 6:15PM! I was talking to Bebski yesterday as to whether they'll really arrived on time, and to my amazement, My phone bell ring at 6:13PM and the delivery guy was at my front door at 6:15PM sharp! Oh, how I love punctuality...!

So here comes the foodsss :)
For entrees, I got the Mixed Entree which consist of a spring roll, thai fish cake, satay chicken and curry puff each. I also ordered extra 4 pieces of vegetarian spring rolls just cause I lovee spring rolls! Love their fish cake and spring rolls! They used breast meat for the satay chicken which is a healthier choice than thigh and the meat is still tender and juicy.
Mix Entree $6.60 + 4 spring rolls $4.40
One of the main is BBQ pork neck with Thai style sauce. I didn't expect the portion to be that much. And also a generous serving of boiled vegetables too! It's like eating Thai style steak ;p
The pork is well marinated and has that BBQed aroma to it. The veggies still have their crunch too.
BBQ Pork Neck $10.90
For the second main, I got the choo chee curry (HOT as per my request), which is a mild curry with chicken and more vegetables ^^ The curry is full of flavour and the coconut milk is not too overpowering the dish. It's a good curry to be eaten with hot steam rice and not to forget to dip those free prawn crackers in it!
Chicken Choo chee curry $10.90
 I thought that these meals can feed Bebski & I just fine but apparently its too much that I ended up sharing it with my brother. We were so full and pleased with the food.

Did I not mentioned before? It's so easy to place the order! Everything is done online and at the end of your order, you will be given a username and a password to log in to the website and track your order status :)
This morning, I received another 10% discount voucher for my next order which will be handy I'm sure for my next order soon! Shud've try ordering online for foods long time ago!

Thanks For the Experience Menulog!
To everyone .... don't cook tonight, have a takeaway from a number of worthy restaurant Menulog.

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  1. HmmmmMmm...I feel like Thai now :D

    1. If you live around MAroubra, you should definitely try it :) ^^


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