Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cheung Sing BBQ, Maroubra

Another cheap eats in Maroubra area! Cheung Sing BBQ is located in the heart of Maroubra Junction and is always swarming with people. They served not only Chinese foods but also Vietnamese and some Thai foods. And as the name suggest, their BBQ is tasty and the portion is super generous!

I went here last week with bebski and my brother for lunch. To start with, I ordered Vietnamese Spring rolls. The Spring roll is crispy on the outside and the fillings are flavourful. The downside for me is the curry powder that they used in the fillings.. Doesn't say "Vietnamese" in my opinion. But I still like it ^^
Spring Rolls $4
Bebski got the Roast pork on Rice as usual every time we visited the place. The pork was juicy and fatty and the crackling is just gobsmackingly good! The portion again, was soooo generous! Even Bebski got a hard time finishing it all.
Roast Pork with Boiled Rice $9

For me, I was torned between the Combination Chow mein or the Hokkien Noodle but ended up with the Chow mein considering the gravy soothe the weather really well! The gravy was depth with flavour, the amount of meats are generous and the noodle is crispy, just the way it should be!
Combination Chow mein $11
For my Bro, he liked the Pork chop with Tomato rice served with sunnyside fried eggs. The fried rice was aromatic with the taste of the smoky wok. The pork chop is full of flavour and cooked to perfection :)
Pork Chop with Tomato Rice $10

We were sooo full and as always, felt happy after the meal. The service was fast and the staffs were attentive. So glad that there is such a around here ^^ The food always deliver! :)

Closed Mondays
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  1. Combination chow mein always hits the spot on a cold day! And I love eating springies with lettuce leaves.

    1. Wow a visit from GYF! Welcome :) I agree, its a perfect dish for winter ^^


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