Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fajar, Kingsford

Fajar is an indonesian restaurant located in Kingsford just near Maccas. I love their foods just because the taste is just like a typical Chinese Indo cooked back home :)

Whenever I visited the place, it was never full but people keep coming and going for takeaways. Almost every time I came here, I ordered the Special fried rice with Lapchong (chinese pork sausage) and asked for it to be extra spicy. Indonesian really know how to add spiciness in their food! Its not just a mere pepper spicy but it's really chilli seeds spicy!

The price of the foods are pretty reasonable but the portion is not as huge as in other restaurants here in sydney.

The fried rice may looks simple and plain but there are nothing ordinary with the taste! For Nasi Goreng lover, I do recommend this dish alot! They used the perfect dry rice for frying and what makes it special is the smoky wok note in it.

I also have tried their Kwetiau siram or a gravy thick rice noodle cooked with beef. So the thick rice noodle is stir fried with the veggies and eggs, seasoned with Kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) and then topped with the rich flavour gravy beef.

The restaurant is cash only. It is a local's favourite and definitely Indonesians in Sydney!

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  1. Sounds like a real local's secret! Loving the look of the fried rice too.

    1. you should try it out when in the neighbourhood ^^

  2. the mi goreng is a winnerrrr cobain deh!!

  3. Nasi goreng... Kwetiau siram.. Kangen beraaaaatttttt!! :D

  4. A lot of competition in Kingsford, but looks good! :)

  5. Foods seems great and delish.. After my comfortable accommodation in bega. I want to dine and fly to Kingsford.


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