Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Original Meatball Company, Sydney

I saw this restaurant opening ads in TimeOut Sydney and to celebrate their Grand Opening, they will be giving out free lunch on the 1st of July which also my first day being jobless ;p So what a perfect timing to get free meals! I asked my sister to accompany me to the city and I told her that we should be there by 10:30AM cause I know it's gonna be big and the queue will be so looong during lunch hours!

So we arrived 10:45 and at the front of the place, there was a group of people wearing some kind of football uniform with meatball company written on it, apparently they are assisting the customer to do the registration for the free meals as the app didn't work properly for some reason. We were considered lucky cause we were the 6th customer to queue ^^

Not long during the queue, we were given the menu that they will be offering today. Out of the many variation of meatballs, today we can only choose 1 out of the 3 offered. The meal includes meatball subs, fries and a bottle of water .. At 11AM sharp, Jay Lyon (the owner and also apparently also a model, singer and reality TV show actor, no wonder he's hot! ;p) opened the gate marking the official opening of the place.

I got the Yankees which is a beef meatball on sub with mustard, ketchup, pickles, onion and cheddar cheese served on brioche. The brioche is soft and fluffy with all the components in it, the meaty balls, the crisp lettuce and the tanginess from pickles, its just a perfect combo for me! And what I love most is the fries with rosemary salt.

My sister got the Mama's ball which is a pork and veal meatball with ragu sauce, provolone cheese, rocket and served on a rustic white. I like the pork and veal balls more than the beef but I love the brioche more than the rustic white ;p And I'm not a fan of rocket so Yankees was the right choice ^^

The busy kitchen ~~ They definitely need heaps of energy drink to serve the crowds!

And lucky me, a pic with Jay Lyon <3

After we got our meatballs, on our way out, this guy from PayPal told us that if we donwload Paypal app, we could get 50cents coffee from The Baker Bros which is a shop just besides the Meatball Company. So without further ado we downloaded the app and we got our cheap coffee!!

I got the Regular Chai Latte. Nice herby note and just the right milkiness :) A good companion for my meatballs sub :)

To sum up our cheap and free meals day, after a day full of walking, we went to The Dough for some arvo snacks and T2 for some tea to wash down those gluten ;p
Ah, what a great day to cheer me up ^^

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