Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trio, Bondi

Still a post from my birthday eating frenzy , Bebski, Mr.P and I went to Trio in Bondi for our Sunday brunch fix :) We should've take into consideration to come early that day cause Sunday in Bondi beach area is nearly impossible to find parking spot. We arrived in Trio at around 12:40 and we waited for 20mins before we were seated.

Trio is one of the many cafes that I find the place very homey and comfy. The place itself is located along Campbell Pde overlooking the beautiful Bondi Beach. The settings of the interior are neat and clean, a nice place for dinner I thought. The writing on the wall caught my attention, very catchy and so true! ;p

To start with, we ordered the drinks. I ordered Iced Mocha which was Oh my Gawd so delish and refreshing! I would recommend this to everyone that loves Iced Mocha! Bebski ordered the Baileys Latte and Mr.P got the Mocha

Left (Latte with Baileys $7.60, Middle (Iced Mocha $7), Right (Mocha $4.8)
The water that came to our table was infused with some leaves. Mint probably?

Now for the foods..
I got the Trio Breakfast Burrito which comes with 2 small cute pans and a warm tortilla on the side. On the left side is the smooth, fluffy and cheesy scrambled eggs with cheddar and chilli. On the right pan is the shredded chorizo chilli topped with bits of the pepper & lime salsa and a dollop of guacamole. The looks can be deceiving, a simple scrambled egg and a mexican chilli. But when you construct it yourself, a little of everything made a perfect mouthful of awesomeness!

Trio Breakfast Burrito $20
The chorizo chilli was meaty and slightly spicy, the scrambled egg is topped with chilli and coriander which added a value to every bite and the tortilla was soft and warm ~~ A breakfast winner in my opinion..

Bebski got the best of both shakshouka.. The red shakshouka is made from smoked tomato ragout topped with poached egg and the green shakshouka is made from green tomato ragout, spinach, green capsicum and chilli served with Turkish bread and Hummus. I loveeeee the Hummus, it was topped with Mediterranean chilli paste or some sort that really has a chilli punch ! I prefer the Red Shakshouka cause the smoky tomato added a punch of flavour to the dish and when you go back to the green shakshouka, it tasted like as though as it lacks flavour.. hehe

Best of Both Shakshouka $20
 Mr.P ordered the Trio Breakfast Tasting Plate which consist of a mini portion of almost everything offered in the breakfast menu.. From the shakshouka, the corn fritter, the French toast, Buttermilk Pancake and Bircher Muesli. I do recommend this menu if you're so hungry and would love to try everything on the menu. It may seems small but it actually is really filling. Well, not the case for Mr.P though ;p

Trio Tasting Plate $29
Overall, dining in Trio was great, atmosphere is perfect, staffs were very attentive and friendly and another good thing about this place is you can book a table so you can jump the queue on the weekend :) But the fact that they charged you a surcharge of 10% on Saturday and Sunday is a turn off :(
Well, the surcharge is in one of the 99 problems in our life and as the pic mentioned, Brunch isn't one. So go ahead and visit this place ^^

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