Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kokoroya, Maroubra

After dinner in Yummy Pepper House somehow all of us were craving for ice cream for dessert and Ms.C suggested to go to Kokoroya cause they serve the best green tea ice cream!
And so we went, the 5 of us to Kokoroya.

I have been to Kokoroya once for their famous Chicken Namban bento but I visited the one in Waterloo. For Japanese foods I think that the price is quite expensive. That's why I never visited Kokoroya even it is a walking distance from my home :p

So we got almost everything in their dessert menu except the Creme brulee. First to come is the Green Tea ice Cream. I have to agree to Ms.C that Japanese made the best Green Tea Ice cream! It was smooth and creamy and yet have strong green tea note to it. It comes in 3 medium-sized scoops with fresh strawberries and a slice of navel orange topped with mushy red beans

Green Tea Ice cream
I also ordered the Black Sesame Ice Cream but not my favourite. Apparently I like a mild kind of black sesame whereas this one has a true strong black sesame profile ...

Ms.C and her Hubby ordered the mixed ice cream which consist of an additional vanilla and chocolate scoops.

And to share, we got the Tiramisu which was served with fresh straqberries as well. The Tiramisu is light, creamy and in the middle there was a layer of sponge soaked in coffee. It was soo goooddd ~~

Our dessert party :)

We enjoyed our dessert and the hospitality of the waitress in Kokoroya. Might worth a try if you're a Japanese food fans :)

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  1. I do agree that Kokoroya is rather exxy for a local restaurant!
    But it is quite nice for the random occasion :)

    1. A random occasion is the only excuse to visit exxy places.. I agree ^^


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