Thursday, July 3, 2014

Four Frogs Creperie, Randwick

A new dessert place pop up in Randwick not too long ago! I saw it a couple months ago when I dropped my friends in around The Spot but been too busy trying out other places that I totally forgot about this place.

So finally decided to visit Four Frogs on a Sunday arvo with my friends. 
When we arrived, the place was full of people and another lucky day that we got the last table available. Our table was cleaned quickly and we were seated in no time. On the table, there was a paper plate mat of their menus and a little bit about their history.

Four Frogs is own by 4 Frenchmen who came to Australia and have a mission of bringing a French classic delicacy to Australian's palate through their Crepes. They offer choices between sweet crepes or savoury crepes (Galettes) and I want to try both!

Oo and also, the decoration of the place are simple, neat and bright :)

Skimming through the menu..... I saw Chorizo in one of the galettes with mushroom and cheese, perfect! Im getting that!! So it comes in a thin rectangular crispy crepes with lots of cheese and mushroom and thin slices of chorizo. Not the chorizo that I imagine it to be but it tasted delicious! The saltiness of the cheese and the crispy galettes is just perfect ~~

Chorizo, Mushroom, Avoda and Cheese Galettes $16
I told Bebski to get the Flambe Crepes so I can taste both sweet and savoury ;p Bebski has always been my victim. He can hardly choose what he wants. But oh well, most of the time he likes my choice so it works both ways Muahaha.. The crepes comes with vanilla ice cream, melted chocolate and Grand Marnier. The French waiter brought the Alcohol with him and do the Flambe in front of us. Unfortunately it was a shiny bright arvo and we can't really see the flambe T.T

I do find the Grand Marnier being too strong that it overpowers the whole dessert even altering the taste of their homemade vanilla ice cream. But on the other hand, Bebski loved it! He loves alcohol/rum in his dessert. Be it choco rumball and my chocolate pudding with Jamaican rum fla ;p

Vanilla Ice Cream, chocolate and Grand Marnier $14
Mr.P ordered the crepes with Coconut ice cream and Homemade Belgian Dark Chocolate filling and drizzle. And to forget its Mr.P, he ordered the double size crepes ! I love this crepes.. The combination of the dark slighty bitter chocolate with the sweetness and creaminess from the coconut ice cream is just awesome! I recommend this menu more than the Flambe :)
Coconut Ice Cream and Dark Belgian Chocolate $15 ( Le Double)

Just when I thought I found my favourite in Four Frogs, My bro's ordered came! He got the crepes with White Chocolate Ice cream, Salted caramel sauce and grilled almonds. Oh my God, it is just Divine. The grilled almond is smoky and crunchy and provides a great texture for the chewy crepes and the sweetness from the caramel. The white chocolate ice cream was smooth and creamy, I just wish that the scoop to be bigger ;p  I would definitely be back for this one!! Highly Recommended for all Almond Lovers!!
White Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Grilled Almonds $12
Overall, it was a great and filling dessert. The size is hugee and to be serve by Frenchmens with their French accent is just like an icing on a cake ;p
They closed late too, so another plus points! ^^

Four Frogs Creperie

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  1. I'm dying to try their sweet crepes more than anything...!!
    They look amazing!!
    What's awesome is, so close to home! ^^

    1. They are amazin! Yay for Eastern Suburb to have this place nearby :)


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