Sunday, July 6, 2014

East & West munchies

Lorraine's Patisserie 

In Between THE free meals day on the 1st of July, My sister & I also got the chance to visit Lorraine Pattiserie, one of 50+ restaurants owned by Merivale. I heard so many time about this place and it's famous Mascarpone Cake. Lorraine's Patisserie is located within Ivy in Palings Lane. It is quite hidden but not hard to find :)
Such a pretty Shop :) Unfortunately the ambience inside the shop was so quite and everyone were busy baking ~~ I feel a bit unwelcome ;p

Assortments of cakes, pies and tarts

Finally I got to taste the Mascarpone cake which was so light and fluffy in the middle, with crisp coconut dacquoise on top and sliced strawberries in the middle. I know why this cake is sold for $8 a slice! It was so rich yet delicious and not too heavy :)

Mascarpone Cake $8
 I also got the Rhubarb and Quince Tart which has a rich almondy / marzipany flavour that was too strong for me but the Pastry was just perfect and the rhubarb complements the dessert really well.
As full as we were, we managed to finish half of both and take home the rest ;p What a day full of eating ~~

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Now our feet took us to Chinatown area and we visited Fujipan, a Japanese Bakery. I've always loved their breads and cakes offerings. The dough are always soft and fresh, there are also a lot of selections to choose from.

I got the mini croissants which is $0.90 each, the pastry is airy and light! I also got the fillet fish bread, Taro pan, Red bean buns and their freshly baked Totoro bread filled with Custard Cream. Their green tea selections are my favourite as well but I didn't get them this time.
The price of their breads range from $1.20 - $3.80 which is very reasonably cheap :)

Definitely a great bakery to visit and try!

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  1. That mascarpone cake sounds good!

  2. I'm dying to try the mascarpone cake!! And that totoro bun looks so cute !

    1. Glad that you like the post :) you should try both in person!^^

  3. I always forget I have to try Lorraine's, it's not opened on Sundays that a pain.

    1. yeah.. the shop is quite hidden so easily forgotten hehe :)

  4. The cakes look good! Does the place have chairs/tables though?

    1. Unfortunately they don't.. :( U need to find a good spot to take a pic of it before it melts down ;p


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