Monday, July 14, 2014

UNSW - Mathews Food Court and Around

While I still have my days off before I started working in Subway, I decided to revisit my favourite lunch spot in UNSW my beloved Uni :) Even though it was during semester break, some shops in the food court were open. I went to Mathews Food Court which is located on the Upper Campus. I usually go for the Kebab in Quad Food Court but that day I was sooo craving for the Stock Market Salad.

My previous post before was' East and West Munchies', this post should have a title of "East and West Salad" haha! Two of my favourite salads; Vietnamese Beef Noodle salad from Tropical Green (The Pavillion) and Do-your-own salad from Stock Market (Mathews building).

So my first stop is Tropical Garden. The shop served non only salad, but also juices, pho, spring rolls and all other Vietnamese delicacies. Even BBQ pork bun!

 What I love from this Beef noodle salad was the tender and juicy beef, marinated and grilled perfectly. The veggies are also my favourite, a simple lettuce, carrot and cucumber! I do ask for no mint though hehe.. The chilli was hot as well!A very generous portion for the price and with the spring rolls edition, the dish was just shmackingly yummeh! The pork bun was soft and warm, a great complement to the salad. The filling is not much but who cares if the bun is perfect ;p

Beef Noodle Salad extra Spring Rolls $10 , POrk Bun $1.50
From eating this tasty salads, I move on to Stock Market. As I was so full, I got the salads to go. Bebski and My sister also told me to get them some! I heard from my sis that even her friends from Mac Uni came to UNSW just for this salad! Well, GOOD NEWS is that I just found out that they have TWO other shops in the CITY!!! woohoo :)

So how it works: 1. Choose the salads (just lettuce or mix leaves), 2. Choose the size (Reg 7.90, Large 8.90), 3. Choose 7 toppings (chicken and tuna addtin add $2), 4. Choose your dressing, 5. Enjoy with their Sourdough

I always got the Regular lettuce and my toppings are always 2 eggs (I know!), Parmesan cheese, croutons, peas, grilled capsicum, crushed nuts with extra Tandoori Chicken and Chili flakes! and I love their Italian Sun dried Tomato Dressing, OMG I'm literally drooling writing this post! haha. It may look simple but I dont know why this salad is so addictive~~~~

Another Gem in Mathews Food Court is Laksa from Satay Delight. The Laksa is the favourite from this place; cheap price and generous portion. The soup is very warming for this cold weather and the richness of the soup is another plus point for this dish. The negative is that at some point you just can't take it anymore because you're too full, haha!

For the laksa, you can choose the meats to go in here and the tofu puffs is the best bit for me! Especially after it's been soaked in the creamy spicy soup!

Oh I just Love UNSW!! :)

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